Saturday, 7 January 2012

Musing On Socks

I am continuing with Sereknitty.  The rows don't seem so long or tedious tonight.  I can face the amount of rows and stitches at the moment without feeling dejected.  The colours are floating my boat.  I have just knitted the second section of lime.  I thought that this would be where the colours would start repeating, but they haven't.  I have done 8 rows tonight.  It doesn't seem much - I am getting there.  I no longer have the feeling that I want to put it down and start something else.  Although I am preparing to think and decide what to do next.

The Fore-Runners are:
1.  The Georgiana Shawl from Jane Austen Knits.  I still haven't checked out the potential yarn I have in mind for this project
2.  Something for Mary-Jane.  Not got too much of a clue at the moment - I have a few ideas, but am waiting for inspiration
3.  A pair of socks for me.  Not just any socks, at the moment I am my mind is hovering with Skew  from - another brilliant web site - please do take a look if you are not familiar with it.

I've just taken a quick look on Ravelry to find the link for the socks and am tempted to look at other socks as well.  I mustn't cloud my mind!!  Although I did catch myself daydreaming today, about having lots of pairs of knitted socks.  Don't worry - all yarn will be from The Stash.  I bought lots of sock yarn in anticipation of the Sock Bug biting me.  It took it's time biting me.  In the meantime I discovered that sock yarn was good for shawls, so kept buying it anyway!  I so wish I could have all my yarn out on display or where I could reach out and touch it all, to sit on the floor and admire it.  Time will come.  It will be fun going through my boxes where it is stored in the barn and hunt out all my sock yarn and get it together.  On the upside, I know I have enough yarn to make at least three pairs of socks, in this very room.  Excellent.

This reminds me of a conversation I had with a Knitty Friend a few years ago (is it really that long ago?)  Her middle name might as well have been 'Sock Queen'.  Her socks were exquisitely crafted in beautiful yarns.  She came to Knit Group one day, during conversation, she fessed up that she had counted her sock yarn stash and thought she had roughly enough sock yarn to make 250 pairs (if memory serves me right, I could be wrong, but it was a huge amount).  She could make a pair of socks in no time.  I have no doubt what so ever that her Sock Yarn Stash has changed greatly since then!


Hayley said...

erm, yes the Sock Stash is even bigger now!Ha ha!

CarpeDyem said...

So good to hear from you Hayley! I'm still chuckling over your comment. Do you have a revealable running total?! I hope all is well with you? x

Wonky Watt said...


Hayley said...

Hello. No I daren't log my sock stash anywhere for fear it may overwhelm me :-/ I do plan on minimising it this year though as I don't get the time to knit that I used to.
I am really good thanks, how are you?