Friday, 29 May 2009

Frogs V Double YO's - Rematch!

In the Frogs V Double YO's Rematch - The Double YO's won!!!!

Full details later......

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Increases in the cost of gas and electricity

I'm sure you are aware of the increases in the price of fuel over the last six months or so. But added to this, to me is the greed of the fat cat corporations who are the fuel suppliers. I will recant a conversation I had yesterday with my fuel supplier.

It started with getting an updated statement in the post. I pay monthly by card for my fuel (gas and electricity). I've done this for a good few months, prior to this I paid by Direct Debit. My monthly payments have been recalculated. The payment has increased by 42% from last month. Yes I was stunned. So I rang them up to query this.

Me: Why has my monthly charge gone up so much?

Them: It's been a cold winter madam, one of the coldest for years. You've probably had the heating on for longer.

Me: I've not. My gas consumption is about the same as last year.

Them: Its been a cold winter, even if you turn up your heating a degree it will make a difference to the cost.

Me: I've done nothing different from last year. So why is there such a huge increase? I'm stunned

Them: I'll look at your usage....... This quarter last year you used 8 units of gas a day...... This year for this quarter you've used 8 units of gas per day. Oh.

Me: Yes, so why is there such a huge difference, if I'm using the same amount of fuel?

Them: The cost of gas and electricity has increased over the winter. Plus you have gone from monthly direct debit to monthly payments, that will make a difference.

Me: And that makes a difference of aprice increase of 100% in a year? I'm paying twice as much for the same amount as last year.

Them: You can pay by direct debit, that will bring the price down.

Me: Okay, I'll pay by direct debit

Them: You need to clear what you owe {which is equivalent to 2 months of the new increased price} before you will be accepted for Direct Debit

Me: I can't afford that! I can't afford the monthly payment!

Them: Direct debit will be cheaper madam. Is there anything else I can help you with?

Me: I'm still stunned at this increase. I can't afford this.

Them: Is there anything else madam? Thank you very much for your call.

So the moral of the story?? The fat cats get fatter. In one year, the same gas consumption costs twice as much. The answer? I haven't a clue apart from the cost of living is now getting too high. The increase is purely to line to pockets of the fat cats. One seventh of my monthly wage is going on gas and electricity. Half of that is for what? To be able to use the same amount of fuel that I used last year but for twice as much.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Sick Note Frustration

I've been trying half an hour to get through to my GP surgery to get an appointment so I can get a sick note. The appointment system is such that the phone lines open at 8.30 and you keep ringing till you get through. Which today has taken half an hour of ringing literally every minute or two. Only to find that when I do get through, the only appointments left are emergency ones. Getting a sick note today is not quite an emergency.

So I have to go through the same rigmarole tomorrow with added fervour that I get through and get an appointment. Then backdating the sick note is at the Doctors discretion. Bloody annoying.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Knit Today!

In this months Knit Today magazine, features the Knitterati Knit & Natter that I go to! Apart from that being ultra cool to have a whole page spread, in the picture you can see me!!

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Frogs 1 - Double YO's 0

I started another cloth last night. It was a lacy picture type. The pattern is by the same person who wrote the most challenging cloth I've ever done. If it isn't by her then, well, then lets just say they must be from the same stable!

I saw the pattern on Ravelry. It really caught my eye. I printed it off, found suitable Peaches N Creme colourway. Before I cast on, I read the pages of pattern over. I wanted to get the D4's and S2TK1P's all straight in my head before I started. It is noteworthy at this point to mention that I've never done Double Yarn Overs. Single yarn overs yes, and lots of them.

So happily I cast on, thinking that I'm up for the challenge and this may put to rest the ghosts of the Lacy Heart Cloth. Off I went.

My those double yarn overs were very loose. The stitches round were being effected and looked like I'd done them on way too large needles. But I persevered thinking that all would be well after I'd done some more.

But as the rows passed the sinking feeling that all was not right, sunk some more. And I carried on. I carried on to row 24. Then I thought, 'this just ain't right, I'm not happy!'. ~~!##£%!

I looked at the pattern again. From the start. Then at the end of the notes and just before the actual instructions started, was the light. The crucial bit of information that I'd missed. Sat below it was the statement telling me to read all the notes before I cast on.

"On wrong side rows, you will be doing (k1,p1) into the double yarn overs from the previous right side rows."


(k1,p1) not (p2).

Frogs 1 - Double Yarn Overs nil.

Re-match today, in my front room, on the sofa. My money is on the Double Yarn Overs! Hrmph!

Monday, 4 May 2009

May The Fourth Be With You!

In a Galaxy far, far away....... and in this one too...... I am a Jedi Knight (look in the 2001 Census for confirmation) so on this special Star Wars day, I wish you


Hobbiteralla - AKA - CarpeDyem goes to WonderWool Wales 2009!

On the way home from work last Friday, HobbitKeeper asked if I still wanted to go to WonderWool? Of course I did! But my glasses were an unaccounted for expense, so I couldn't go (sulk). So HobbitKeeper made it possible for me to go! I was like a dog with two tails!

I went on the Sunday with my friend Sally. The drive was no where near as bad or long as what I thought it would be - although I do have to think how much my glasses added to the pleasant-ness and ease of driving.

Once there and in the place, I wasn't sure in which direction to head in! Lucky for me I had Sally with me, who is more methodical and less implusive than me and suggested that we systematically go up and down the aisles, so we know where we have been etc. Such as simple idea and yet I still got distracted and wanted to womble to wherever caught my eye!

There were alpacas there as well as angora rabbits, and two sorts of sheep. Oh and I wanted to take them all home! Well I would've settled for the alpacas! There was lots of Ravelry People walking about as well, everybody trying to casually read everyone elses name badge, just in case they knew them.....

I met my Secret Sister - JustAli on her stall. It's so good to put a real person to a name, parcel and email! Hello JustAli! I also bumped into friends from Stafford Knit Chicks. I think it was one of those events where it was a last minute decision to go, hence no-one really arranging to meet anyone!

I would recommend WonderWool. It has a very casual atmosphere, and the amount of independant traders was refreshing! Plus one of my favourite shops was there - First 4 Yarns - and looked like they were doing a roaring trade!

So what did I come home with (apart from another knitter.......!) These lush yarns were hand painted by Joyce Cook.
I can't have contact with First4Yarns with out buying Peaches n Creme - I'm addicted and was surprisingly very reserved only buying 5 balls!
This lovely mohair was dyed by Joyce Cook (I hall have to check that name and sort a link). There was a beautiful airy shawl on display, one of those that while your mouth is agape in amazement, your hand is reaching out to pick up a skein of yarn! I'm not looking forward to winding it into a ball though!

This is Cariad - a welsh yarn (again I'll find links) in gorgeous forest berries colourway. Along side are two Brittany Crochet Hooks, that HobbitKeeper asked me to buy.

A big pink ball of Opal Sock yarn that will probably turn into a ?crochet shawl.

Colinette mohair, again I have thoughts for another shawl or wrap....

Couldn't resist these buttons from The Button Lady!

These buttons were from the same place as the hand painted yarns.
As I said earlier, Sally is much more organised in her thinking than I am, which is a good thing! Everything that I picked up, with lustful intentions, looked like Shawl/Wrap yarn to me. Sally very soon clicked on to my train of thought and soon began asking what was going to do with all these shawls.......
In an adjacent hall was another show - a food show for all local welsh foods. Lots of cheese, ciders, wines & whiskeys, bread, jams, chutneys and pickles, as well as fish and other goodies.
Next year I might go for the two days and stay on site. Whatever happens, I shall be going and I thoroughly recommend it!

Rhinog, glasses and cookie mixes!

The saying goes that owners grow to look like their dogs - here Rhinog is trying to look like his Dad.... This has quickly become one of my favourite pictures of Rhinog!

I did a spot of baking yesterday. For the first time ever, that I can think of, I used packet mixes. And I shall certainly use them again. It doesnt't detract in the slightest from my own baking skills - they are just so damned quick and convenient! So here is a plateful of mini toffee cookies and Mini Bannoffee Muffins. After two cups of tea, there wasn't many left at all!

Over Easter Weekend I had another go at Crochet. The pattern was a bit challenging for me as a novice, but once you'd got your head round it, it was quite simple and straight forward. Shame I didn't use the right size hook! I did frog it, but with the knowledge that I can do it! I used a mercerised cotton in pinks and whites, which I do wonder whether it lends itself to crochet or not - I'm going with not particularly! I have since acquired a similar colour way in Opal Sock yarn. So I will have another go at doing this. When it's complete it will be a shawl.

As mentioned earlier, on another post, I recently had my eyes tested. My eyes are straining, so I have to wear glasses to take this strain away. The glass of wine is optional!

Yours truly with new glasses!

Cinqo De Mayo

On Saturday I recieved a Ray of Sunshine from Tavish, themed Cinqo De Mayo. Tavish had sent som information on the celebration as well as lots of mexican recipes. Along with this, was an accessories pouch with a long cord and a pair of scissors, a needle case with needles in - very thoughtful!, a hair scrunchie, a tape measure and a pack of taco seaoning mix!
Along with all this was a card that Tavish had made for me! I'm very lucky! Thank you very much Tavish!