Friday, 22 January 2010

Robin in the Garden

We have a very friendly Robin who comes into the garden. The little chappie is very photogenic and loves having his photo taken! The photos were taken about two weeks ago. HobbitKeeper talking with the Robin

Can't forget Robins and all other birds in winter - they need the extra food, especially when the weather is bad.

Christmas Gifted Cloths

Here are the cloths I made as a Christmas Pressie, all made with trusty Peaches and Creme!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Yarn Gathering Launch Party

Saturday saw the long awaited Launch Party of Yarn Gathering. Yarn Gathering is my friend Jeanette's Yarn shop in Stone. It was a very exciting day and we all gathered to wish Jeanette every success in the new venture! There seemed to be a lot of interest from passers by as well!

The Cake needs a special mention here, it was really well done and very scrummy!

Here is the Lady Of The Moment - Jeanette - cutting the cake with help from her grand-daughter. Looking on is Donna and Helen, wonderful Mums!
Donna, Helen and Rachel Sally - aka The Mad One!
View of the shop, with assorted people with Linda aka 'oooooooooooooooh Linda I've dropped a stitch help!' Linda is brilliant at picking up stitches and putting right what you've done wrong!
Sylvia and Linda, with Bob ready to hand out the flyers to the public! Beleive me he did a very good job!

Yours Truly, trying to ignore all feelings of queasiness and related grots. I am sporting my Stolen Moments Shawl, which I have evetnually finished and just had to show it off!

So if you are every near Stone, call in to the Shop! I will sort out links to the shop, classes and meetings, so watch this space!
Good Luck to Jeanette and Yarn Gathering!!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Yarn Gathering

Yarn Gathering - my friend Jeanette's Yarn Shop - has opened today! I have spent afew hours up there today. Chattting, knitting, browsing patterns. I bought some Artists Palette in a lovely shades of green, to make a particular scarf - I'm not sure of the spelling ?Backtus?. I also got some Katia Astrokan to do 3 projects for Little Spud - a Christmas Blanket, a lamb and a waistcoat.

Yesterday I bought two Debbie Bliss Baby books and some Sirdar Tiny Tots yarn to make a hoodie waistcoat, that was cast on last night!

The Loopy Bag is nearly finished - just need to sew it up and attach the handles - should be completed in half an hour, easy...........

Monday, 11 January 2010

Putting the Sickness in to Morning Sickness

This morning I have put the sickness into Morning Sickness. Not so pleasant. It wasn't nausea, feeling green behind the gills, or a bit off colour. But proper Momma-to-be Chunder Puss!! And where did this delightful event happen? On the blooming M6 at around 06.30, luckily Junction 12 was in sight, as was the slip road, where it all happened!

It's Chris Evans's first day on the Breakfast Show and he wanted kids to ring in with something they did for the first time today....... I didn't think this was quite the thing he was looking for! Happy Days!

Friday, 8 January 2010

Little Spud

I am very proud to announce that HobbitKeeper and I are Expecting! Yes .......We are Pregnant! Little Spud is 9 weeks old, so will be putting in an appearance around 12th August.

We went for a scan on Wednesday. This was a Dating Scan as we were not sure of dates, but now we are! It was beautiful and emotional! We even saw Little Spud's heart beating. Wow!

I'll see if I can scan the Scan pitcure........