Sunday, 25 January 2009

There's Chickens Loose Aboot This Hoose!

Yesterday, whilst trying to catch up with all thin Interknitty, HobbitKeeper came in from the garden, to my surprise with Guess, my favourite chicken! And here she is with me in the rocking chair in the back room! She is a very friendly and inquistive Chicken and being in the house did not upset her at all!

Below is Radar, Guess and What ready to take the jump into the garden for a run round and a peck at all things peckable!

Not a brilliant photo, but this is Radar, Guess, What and Sage having a shufty round.
The girls are doing really well (for them) with the egg production. Two days this week we've had two eggs, plus had more on other days. So far today, there has been one egg. I think it might be Roast's, but it is quite a big one. It was still very warm when I discovered it and Roast jumped off it.

My Favourite Things - Round 1

I finally recieved my swap parcel early last week! I was assigned an Angel, as my original swapper flaked. My Angel was Maddy18, who did herself proud with the parcel she sent me! The fingerless mittens are lush! They are ribbed with a cabel panel, in a very soft and warm yarn. The picture doesnt really do them justice. Maddy18 also sent a lavender bag kit fromThe Knitting Goddess, a ball of Rowan Kidsilk Haze with a pattern for a scarf/wrap/shawl, a flake, a tolberone, box of Twinings English Breakfast Tea, a mug with lavender and almond blossom on, a strawberry tape measure, an elephant purse with stitch markers in, a leaflet for the Isle of Wight and The New Forest, Lavender Bath Teabags, honeybuns flapjack and a card. I like everything and appreciate Maddy coming to my rescue!!

I've used the mug with the English Breakfast tea, had one lavender teabag bath (I also used some handmade soap that I was sent earlier, put clean bed linen on the bed and had a really good nights sleep!) eaten the flapjack, used the tape measure and have taken up the Kidsilk Challenge!