Friday, 29 August 2008

Square Base Bag

I decided, as a follow on to the bucket bag, to do a Square Base Bag. I'm pleased with it so far. I wanted it to be quite big when finished. I've not felted using the Twilley's Freedom before, althoug I know it felts very well. I'd like to do a similar base in a thinner yarn, so as to fit in more stripes of colour and emphasise the sqaureness.

This is the square base The Monster so far!! It is very big, I'm planning to do another cream and chocolate stripe then do the handles, then keep my fingers crossed that it will fit in the washing machine haha! It's taken just over 12 balls so far.......

I'm quite taken up with this yarn and the Freedom Spirit, which is a double knit yarn and felts fabulously. I'm hoping to get this monster finished over the next week, so watch this space!

Bags bags bags

I've been busy over the summer - mainly working hahaha! HobbitKeeper has been off work and sees the hours I spend on the laptop as 'unconstructive' when he's not feeling happy, so I've not been about so much online.

I've finished the Pat Pi Bucket Bag (aka my take on The French Market bag). This is the bottom of the bag, I'm very pleased how it turned out!

And this is the finished article the right way up! It's had a fair bit of use in it's short life!

I was so taken up with doing the base of it, I thought about doing a square base.....

UK Swap Parcel has arrived!

I collected my UK Swap Parcel this morning from the Sorting Office this morning - it actually arrived yesterday, but a certain person was out knitting for the day......

So Haven't I been thoroughly spoiled rotten??!! A huge thank you to my Spoiler - Katherine or 'Yarny Mammoth' to me! There was an amazing amount of presents, all individually wrapped. Katherine certainly did her homework on me!

This is what Katherine sent to me: postcard, Edinburgh Book Festival Bag, Crochet flower, bamboo knitting needles, set of three crochet hooks, ravelry badge, 2 balls on noro kureyon, 5 balls of purple touch feely yarn, "Blissful Brownies", "Easy Knit Socks", "Easy to Crochet", "Knitting in no time", Alpshabet beads, green & black dark chocolate and butterscotch chocolate, 3 scented candles, flannel, floracologie lavender bath soak, Scottish Breakfast Tea, Fun baking cases, Lindt Lindor chocolate, and build your own Stonehenge kit - all individually wrapped in beautiful paper and ribbon.
That's what I call 'Spoiled'!!
Thank you Katherine!!