Saturday, 26 June 2010

HK's First Sock Completed!

HK's first sock was completed last night, much to mine and HK's delight! I'm very pleased with it. It has totally banished my thought block of socks being difficult to do. I'm glad I waited until the time was right to do socks and to be bitten by the sock bug. This is a very simple pattern, with extra help and enouragement from Linda. I love the cast off, very stretchy. Just as Linda said it would be. It is a sewn cast off. I've never done a sewn cast off before and this is easy peasy! I like the way the random black zig zags have come out. The yarn is from China (or somewhere near there, via ebay). I used two 2.5mm circular sock needles. I've got enough to make myself a pair and a tiny pair for Baby as well. I'm trying to hold back on starting a pair for Baby!
This view shows heel and toes. I have warned HK that I want pictures of him modelling them. I have already started on the second one. A fab tip I got from Linda - to avoid getting Second Sock Syndrome - start the second sock before finishing the first one. Start the first one, do a bit, then cast on the second, do a bit etc. At whatever rate you want to. Or so they are about finished at the same time. Seems like sense to me. I casted on the second one about an inch or so before starting the ribbing on the first.
The pattern is an adapted one by Linda. She is going to use it at a Class at Yarn Gathering of Stone. I will ask her if I can publish it on here and on Ravelry. It's a good basic Toe Up Sock Pattern. Thumbs up from me!

Monday, 21 June 2010

Summer Solstice

Happy Summer Solstice!

Today is our 4th Wedding Anniversary. It's been a busy four years, and has flown by. Here's to many more, I wouldn't want to be without HK!

Relaxing Weekend

We've had a very relaxing weekend. Friday evening, Spudette decided to do her thing, not sure what she was doing, stretching, wriggling, moving (all good stuff though!) which made me feel quite uncomfortable and didn't know what to do with myself, a bit like on Monday. It did make me feel drained. We didn't do the weekly shop that evening and an early night was called for. The shopping was done Saturday Morning. Spudette soon realised we were in Asda, however, and played me up (the little tinker!) so the shopping was a struggle. By the time we got home, a sit down for a few hours was called for - and that did the trick!

From there we did some sorting in my new knitting room - and we didn't fall out this time - hurrah! My room now has some semblance of order. There is now floor space (I'll try not to fill it too soon) and nothing is on the floor. However the shelves do need a bit more sorting as I've not emptied them from the old knitting room, now Baby's room. Plus the stash needs organising, there is no order to it, apart from looking generally tidy to the uninitiated! Oh and there are still two big boxes of yarn in Baby's room, that just won't fit into my room.......... Some stash busting needs to be done - lucky for me that I've got a decent stash as things may get a bit tight soon!! I will take pix of the room now it's looking a little less chaotic.

My sock for HK is coming on a treat. I started turning the heel last night. I'm taking it to Knit Chicks this morning to do a bit more.

I've also, on the Stash Busting front, wound all leftover Peaches & Creme into three balls. With this I started experimenting with what to do with it. By this point however, I was in one of those 'can't concentrate' moods. So I tried quite a few things, but frogged them. I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do with it. Mainly some kind of blanket, but wanted to do it so it could grow until I finished the yarn, if you know what I mean! I tried doing a square one, then a circular one, but they just didn't look right. I thought the idea of starting from the middle and working outwards was the best idea.

In the end, I went for a rectangular shape rug. I cast on 40 stitches (I think - I was toying with 50 stitches, but at this point didn't want to go onto circulars). I've used the three strands together, so it is thick. Needle size is 8mm, to make it dense. It is going to be a cot side rug. Again pictures later (I need to charge up the camera). I've only done a couple of inches so far.

Late Saturday afternoon, HK looked at the printer, as I said it wasn't working properly. My diagnosis was that the paper feed thingy wasn't working. HK sort of agreed. The printer was declcared 'Kaput'. I had a look at argos for a budget replacement, that used the same ink cartridges, as I had just bought new ones and not used them. I found one, that was reduced by £30 to £50. Sorted. Off we went. When the printer was bought to us in the shop, it wasn't the right one that I wanted. The lady said that if they are out of stock they will offer the nearest one. HK was gettign excited saying that we will have that one. I was being dozy (slow!) and wanted to look further to make sure it had the same spec. I noted that the ink cartridges were the same, then noted HK's hidden excitement and decided to go with it. Thank you very much and we were off. At home I looked up the new model on the t'internet. It was a much upgraded version of what we originally wanted, plus it was a specialised photo printer. It was priced at £120. Bargain. It works a treat and is much better than the one I originally wanted!!

Friday, 18 June 2010

The Sock Bug May Finally Be Nibbling At Me!

The sock bug may finally be nibbling at me! I've waited a long time for this! Not to mention been given and bought copious amount of sock yarn in preparation for this moment....... HK yet again asked if I'd make him some socks. This request managed to filter through places of my brain that other requests had failed to reach. So on Wednesday, at Carol's, it all started....... Linda helped me cast on - magic loop method. I had learned this technique before, but not used it for quite a while, well since my last foray into attempting to make a sock. Linda again then showed me the best way to do a sock increase. Joan and others gave me much encouragement. I was off and away! I must admit that 'the tongue of concentration' was out for a short while, till I'd got the hang of the cast on!

So here is what I've done so far - the sock addiction is not far behind the nibbling either. I've not been able to put it down!

The socks were going to be a surprise for HK for his birthday - to be presented whether finished or not - but I was too excited and couldn't wait that long. I made the announcement that evening. HK was highly delighted! He has had a fitting that night and last night, with much approval. He likes the yarn as well. He said to use something out of my stash, even when warned that I didn't have anything plain black or similar and that colour may be involved. I found the red and black - very Dennis The Mennace! I wasn't sure how the colour change would come out as the red bits are slightly longer than the black - random zigzags! It would be interesting to see how it turns out on a smaller size (like one that would fit me!) I have quite a few balls of it. I got it quite a while ago, from Ebay, from a place somewhere in the region of China or Hong Kong.

If I do a pair for me (ever the ambitious knitter, me!) then I will have to do a pair for Baby!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Baby Activity & A Soothing Bath

Baby was so active last night, I thought she was punching her way out. It was so uncomfortable, it took me nearly an hour to eat my tea. She only started to get excited when we decided to have chips for tea, must be one of her favourites! I can feel her lower down, so I think maybe she might be getting 'in position' ready for August. I didn't think babies got in position till about four weeks prior to birth, but apparantly they can start to get ready from round now. Without knowing anything else, I shall put it down to that, as well as her being an awkward little cuss at times!! Or as HK said this morning - 'A Madam!' He's given her her instructions not to play me up to much today........

Sleep is still a bit hit and miss, but last night wasn't too bad, once I got comfy. I was glad to get into bed last night, I was feeling proper sorry for myself and just wanted to be comfy. I drank a pint of squash once I got out of the bath. Baths are even getting a little tricky. It's been quite a while since I was able to pull the plug out whilst actually sitting in the bath, as normal. But I have discovered that if the bath is fuller rather than shallower, the the buoyoncy helps me get out of the bath itself. But the bath seems a little narrower these days........

I'm starting to gather things for the hospital. I might go out today and find a few more bits. The main thing is something to wear! I don't wear nightwear as such, although I do slob out of an evening in nightwear, nothing is appropriate for Birth or to wear around the hospital. So another trip out today may be on the cards.

I've only got 8 weeks (yesterday) to go. I can't really put things off anymore. I'm slow at doing things now, so when I've got the wind about me, I need to do what I need to do. There isn't too much to do, but the more I look, the more there is to do - isn't that just the way!!

Friday, 11 June 2010

Spudette's Surprise Itsy Parcel Has Arrived!

A parcel arrived, addressed from Tavish in Tonanwanda. I ripped the packaging off and opened the parcel, only to be stopped in my tracks. Inside were gifts from my Itsy friends on Ravelry. The most awesome of gifts is the beautiful baby blanket. I draped it over the sofa, and had to sit for some time to admire it, each and every sqaure that made up the blanket! HK spent time walking in and out of the front room, looking at the blankie, gobsmacked. Paula had gathered charms together on a Charm Ring, and listed what each charm means. Very, very thoughtful.
The poem on the card bought tears to my eyes
I love these buttons and can't wait to put them on garments for Baby!
This hanging storage unit, so beautiful. It will be put up in Baby's room, in a place where it will be easily seen and admired!
A pretty pashmina! I've tried to drape it so both sides and all colours can be seen. HK loves it on me when I tried it on!

Thank you so much Itsy Ladies! I wasn't expecting it all. Thank you, from both HK and myself (and Spudette!) for all the time and love that has gone into putting it all together!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Sleep can be elusive

I have seen the midwife for another routine check up. Baby is doing fine. Heart beat is strong and regular. Baby bump was measured and growing well - don't I know it! HK says I'm no longer his 'Little Fatty', but his 'Not So Little Fatty'! I have to agree with him! Sleeping is starting to become a little troublesome. Sometimes I just can't seem to relax, or get comfy, or Baby is on night manoevers, or I sleep for the first half of the night, then I'm awake for a couple of hours, just dozing until about half an hour before it's time to get up. After three consecutive nights like this, I wasn't pleasant company. It got to the point where I just didn't know what to do with myself. Luckily I slept really well that night.

HK isn't sleeping that well either. He is a light sleeper, so I disturb him when I can't sleep. Plus he's painfully aware of knocking or touching me in bed incase he touches Baby. And his plates in his legs have been aching him badly due to the change in weather, so that is not helping his sleep. But we'll soldier on and try not to get niggly.

Baby is moving lots, as well as honing up her kicks and punches! Thankfully, she has only hit under my ribs a couple of times. She is discovering how to stretch in every direction all at once, this can stop me in my tracks! All signs of movement are good though.

I've been started on some Ferrous Fumerate - that's Iron tablets to you and me. It was two a day, but with agreement with the midwife, I've knocked these down to one a day. I'm only just slightly under the levels, by a whole 0.2. The side effects of the iron have kicked in, constipation, blackness of youknowhat, and well, stand down wind of me at your own peril! Hopefully the reduction of the tablets will resolve this.

Rhinog is really coming into his own at the moment. He is never far from my side. When I'm sat in the front room, he will come through every 10 - 15 minutes to check on me to make sure I'm okay. A day or two ago I was having an uncomfortable time with Baby moving, so I was ooing and ouching and Rhinog was there, at my side, sticking like glue, looking very concerned. Yesterday I was opening a box, I couldn't do this on the sofa, as I couldn't twist round sufficiently, so I decided to sit on the floor. Well, poor Rhinog was distraught. He is not used to me sitting on the floor and seemed to automatically presume that something was wrong, despite me re-assuring him that I was fine. To him, I was on the floor and that wasn't right. He got as close to me as he could, even trying to lie partially over one of my legs to comfort me. Poor lad looked so distressed.

I got up of the floor as soon as I could, much to Rhinog's relief. Once I was up, he became much happier, ears unpinned from the back of his head and wagging his tail. Even when I come home, after being out, he almost looks relieved that I am back and am safe! He's a good boy and looking after his Momma so well!

The Sheilero

The Sheilero is a shrug/wrap/bolero. It was originally named 'Shrugalero' of something similar. But the only person who could pronounce this new name, was Sheila, at Knitterati. We soon decided to call it the 'Sheilero' as that is soooo much easier to say! The original pattern was bought to Knitterati and was soon adapted and several versions have been made.

I gave in to temptation and got four balls of Noro Silk Garden to make mine. I had been tempted to this yarn for a week. A whole week!! I am still tempted to some Noro Silk Garden Sock yarn, there is a beautiful colour way with my name all over it! I suppose it's my treat to do something that is for me rather than Baby.

I've cast on another EZ Surprise Jacket, with the promise to myself that when I finish this one that I won't cast on another the next day! I'm doing this one in Tiny Tots, in stripes. Linda gave me the yarn, it's very pretty and is looking good already, and I'm on 7 ridges. I was doing it yesterday and fell foul of too much natter and not knitting. I was on the increase 9 on each end for the cuff fullness, and increased where I should have decreased. A row later, tink, tink, tink. I did resist the urge to make my knitting airborne. I had to tink. The thought of frogging a row and a half then picking up all those stitches, filled me with dread.

It was at that point that I had decided to treat myself to the Noro. It didn't take much!!! I've only done about ten rows, so when it is grown more (or finished, depending on how long it takes me to do!), I'll post the pattern and a picture.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

EZ Baby Surprise Jacket 2

EZ Baby Surprise Jacket 2 is now complete - minus buttons at the moment. This time I used Wendy Beach Baby DK. It took just over one ball. It is slightly bigger than the previous one, but I dont mind that as Baby will grow! I'm planning to do one more, in stripes this time. I've been given two balls of Tiny Tots, by Linda, on Monday. After that no more, at least for quite a while. I do have plans of lots of other things to do for Spudette. I am rather taken with the Surprise Jacket though.......

Friday, 4 June 2010

EZ Baby Surprise Jacket

Whilst I was in the throes of having my nasty cold, I had a rare thought. I was planning what to do for my next project. The Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise Jacket, was the only clear contender. I thought I must be running a temperature to be even thinking about doing this, never mind actually tackling it. But no, this is what I wanted to do......

I've done one before, a couple of years ago, at a workshop. Then I didn't really have my head around the best use and potential of stitch markers, hence my increases and decreases didn't quite line up.....

Time has passed now. Confidently I cast on. Confidently I carried on - and thoroughly enjoyed doing it! So much so, that the day after I finished it, I cast on another, with thoughts of doing another!! Stunning! So this is the EZ Baby Surprise Jacket. I'd recommend the pattern to anyone. It's a lot easier to do than what I originally thought. With minimal sewing up, which is a bonus to most people! I just need to sew buttons on, I've got some pretty ones for this. I used Sirdar Snuggly Kisses, it's very soft and knits up well.

Spudette's First Parcel

Spudette has had her first parcel! It came all the way from Boston, Massacheusettes, US of A. It was kindly sent from Cousin Ann, known in our house as 'Ann-in-America'! Ann sent Spudette some absolutely beautiful items - four bibs, my favourite says 'I'll always be Daddy's little girl', it made HK smile! A Romper suit plus 3 sleep suits, that match the bibs!
This set goes off the scale with cuteness! I can't wait to see her in this!
This layette set raised lots of ooohs and aaahs! Again I can't wait to get Baby into this! She will certainly stand out from the crowd with these outfits. Thank you so very much Ann, from all of us! It won't be too long now before Spudette is with us - a little over 9 weeks if she is on time, she will be one well dressed Baby!