Friday, 26 March 2010

Lush Shawl

I finished the Lush Shawl yesterday. I am really chuffed with the end result. It's quite heavy - 1200g, but will keep me toasty to say the least. It's incredibly touchy-feely. I used Sirdar Wow! from my stash. I bought it nearly 3 years ago, in Hobbycraft. It was in the sale for £1.49, an offer I couldn't refuse!It crochets up in absoultey no time at all! I started it last Friday, had another go with it on Tuesday then did the last two and a half balls yesterday. I used a 15mm hook.

The photos were taken at Yarn Gathering, Stone. Big Thanks to Jeanette! Also big thanks to Carol for the inspiration and Hooks Up to Linda, Joan and Rachel (and Carol!) for their company and encouragement whilst making it!
I did wonder on the name of the Shawl. 'Lush' came to mind quite quickly as it ticks all the lush boxes. After that I thought - Love U Shawl - Lush!! So the name was named!!
I'm itching to start another one. Before I finished Lush, I thought to do another Stash Busting one - or even make a start with the extreme needles (proper stash busting!). But my wandering eye was drawn to some delicious purpley black Katia Surprise. I'm hoping to cast on (do you say cast on when starting crochet?!) some time today.
I'm planning to try and do it a little different. Instead of being half a granny square to do 3/4's of a square so the back would be straight rather than pointy. Something tells me I've not totally had all the thoughts on this that I should have........

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

First Dance

LS and I have just had our First Dance! I was in the kitchen, The Human League's Love Action was playing, followed by Joy Division's Blue Monday. I came into the back room, turned the radio up and danced all the way through the song!

I'm now a little out of breath, my knees know they are there, and I think LS is still dancing!! What's more - I'm smiling!! ;-)

20 Weeks - Half Way There!

I was 20 weeks on Monday - Half way there ( now how many people have now got... Living on a prayer.......going through their heads??! I have, unfortunatley!)

Next Monday afternoon is Anomoly Scan day, another chance to see Little Spud and to check that all is well, and that growth has been happening at the correct rate. And to see if LS is being co-operative and will show us his/her bits so we can see if LS is a girl or a boy. We don't want to wait for the surprise, although I do realise this is down to LS next Monday! I shall have to have quiet words! HK is still adamant that LS is a girl. He's already started with the Protective Father comments (rants) that if any man shows interest in her before she is 30 then he will take a shotgun to them...... oh dear...... I then have to remind him of things, it's fun.

I'm getting more and more rotund - fat as HK says when he is trying to cheer me up and make me smile. Lying down and sleeping is starting to become a little uncomfortable. Time to start propping up tum when lying down I think! Even when turning over in bed, I usually now have to hold my tummy, or LS ends up turning over after I do, if you see what I mean!

I'm giving serious thought as to when to start Maternity Leave. The way I've been feeling of late, I want to start as soon as possible, including taking two weeks annual leave. The main down sides of this decision are two fold. Firstly, I have been told that I am only entitled to 13 weeks Maternity Pay from work, so if I go early then I will be on benefits shortly after the birth. Secondly, I'm under the impression that even thought Mums are entitled to a years maternity leave, the last 3 months do not attract pay/benefits. So I would have to go back to work when Baby is around 6 months old.

The worries following on from that is the issue of Child Care. Are there childminders out there that look after 6 month old babies from just before 6AM till just after 5pm, or even till gone 10pm? And just how much does this service cost and does it make it worth while actually going out to work in the first place? And do I really want someone else spending so much time raising our baby?!

Then there is the ongoing issue of getting HK to work and back each day. There seems to be no movement on this what so ever. It looks like I shall be driving, regardless. Hmmph. I need cheering up. A day of Crochet today - continuing making a rather lush shawl is on the cards for today, happy days.

Virus Free

My laptop is now virus free after having to take it to the 'Laptop Hospital' and parting with some hard earned cash. Acutally it wasn't as expensive as what I thought it would be, thankfully. The shop didn't say what virus it was, just that it was a particularly nasty one and that the hard drive had to be wiped. Anti virus soft ware is bang up to date. I'm now safely back online.

Apologies if the virus has effected you, as it did me. I guess the people who dream these viruses up don't really give a damn about how their handiwork impacts on lives. If they are so clever, then why don't they dream up the antedotes and send them as well? Why do they do it in the first place? All I can think of is along the same lines as why people climb mountains - because they are there, because they can, because they like a challenge. Well that's the more pleasanter explanation from me.

And the less pleasanter explanation - because they are all 'See You Next Tuesdays'. Haha. Always got a naughty side, me!!

Wednesday, 17 March 2010


As of yesterday, my pc has become very infected with nasty viruses, that came in via facebook. My anti-virus softwear cant fight them, so I'm in the position now of having to get even more antivirus stuff. I'm quite annoyed to say the least. I've not had virus problems with this laptop since I had it, over a year ago. Hhrrmph.

So be warned and wary, especially on FB, dont open anything that says its a link to 'you tube'. Watch out for the spelling of it - 'yuo tube' - that dawned on me too late.

Make sure all you antivirus stuff is up to date!

Monday, 15 March 2010

Latch Hook Rug for Little Spud

I saw this rug in Hobbycraft and unsurprisingly fell for it! I'm a sucker for all things Wallace & Gromit, especially Shaun The Sheep! It's been a couple of years since I've done a rug, nonetheless, have really enjoyed doing it so far. I started it on Friday, although didn't do much as HK wanted to learn how to do it. So a few hours on Saturday and a few on Sunday has got me thus far!

First Planting

Whilst lying in bed Sunday morning, I was starting to be a bit more positive. HobbitKeeper announced that he and Nogs were going for a walk around the block. I decided to get out of my pit and to go with them. So we went for a walk round the block at 8am. It was a lovely morning and very few people were out. I'd not got half way and was sounding like an old puffing billy, but carried on. I have now developed the Mum-To-Be gait, sort of wobbling side to side with each step, you'll know exactly what I mean!

By the time we got back, I was very pleased that I'd had the walk and kinda felt better for it. After that I helped HobbitKeeper in the garden doing some fo the first seed planting of the season. I was hoping still that the fresh air would help me feel better - I am trying to make a concerted effort to feel better. I'm fed up with being off the hooks. It's not all doom and gloom. I am starting to feel better but an seriously lacking in energy and voice!

The first lot of seeds we planted was All Year Round Lettuce, mainly for the Chooks. They love em and lettuce doesnt last long with them!
We then planted some garlic. This is the first time we have grown garlic. HobbitKeeper eats that much garlic that he could never ever be a vampire!! This Is HK planting the garlic, overlooked by a meerkat......

The rhubarb patch. Not a sign of a shoot yet, but I don't think it will be long. HK has put straw on the bed. Last year we planted two new plants which did very well. The other plant is a very old one, that was transplanted from the old garden in Chesterfield.

I couldn't talk about spending time in the garden without including a picture of Rhinog! Looking as handsome as ever!

Me, planting the remainder of the garlic. In a very lady-like stance, but believe me, it was the most comfortable for the short time I was planting! I was thankful for HK and the silver birch tree to help me back up again. I'm looking forward to seeing how the garlic goes on.
This is going to be an extra special year in the garden - I will be growing and blooming along with everything else! Very Exciting, can't wait!
As for my energy levels....... Once I got in from the garden, I was shattered, proper shattered. I flopped on the sofa, had a rest for a while and felt a bit better. By 1.30 I had to wave the white flag and go to bed for a nap, for an hour or so. Never mind. Getting there. 19 Weeks today!

Friday, 12 March 2010

Two Knits for Little Spud

This is the first garment I have done for LS. It's a hooded wasitcoat. I did it in Sirdar Tiny Tots, DK. It was quite nice to do, lots of picking up stitches. Doesn't photo well at all cos it's black! I need to put buttons and loops on when I know which side to put them on. The Christmas Pram Blankie. The lump under it is the cushion, no worries there. It was done in Katia Astrakan, purchased at Yarn Gathering, Stone. I need to get some pretty christmas buttons to put where the colour change is.

It is noteworthy to do regular stitch counts, due to the nature of the yarn. I'm sure I cast off less stitches than what I cast on, but I'm turning a blind eye to that, as once it's in situ and being used, it might not be that noticeable...... it's only one or two stitches, nothing too noticeable......

A Home Made Bear

Knitted Toys are fairly new to me, I have room for improvement. But this Bear, it has Bear Magic to me. The stitching together is, well, the biggest area that could've done better, closely followed by the amount of stuffing I used. The poor thing looks like he hasn't had a decent meal for a few days!
All that being said, he does have a certain charm! The pattern is from Debbie Bliss 'Simply Baby'. I started it just over 2 years ago, for a freinds baby, that hadn't then been born. This baby now has a younger sister. So as part of me trying to complete some of my WIP's/UFO's, Teddy Bear was finished. He nearly was before. All I had to do was sew on his arms, nose and eyes. But I didn't like the way I'd sewn his legs on. So he sat on the shelf till a week ago.
I took one leg off and restitched it on, but it didn't seem to make a drastic difference, so I left the other one. After I realised that as much as I tried the arms were wonky. I did make a bigger effort to get the eyes to match. I wanted sewn eyes rather than button eyes.
Now the knock-kneed, pidgeon toed, wonky shouldered, needs feeding and magically charming Bear, is all ready to be given to Our Little Spud!

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

18 Weeks and I can't say a word!

18 weeks and all is well with Little Spud. We have chosen names (to be disclosed later!) just one girls name, one boys name. I've started to feel LS moving, flutterings or quickenings. Amazing! I was quite stunned the first few times. I tried to explain to HobbitKeeper the weird sensations that I was feeling. I can't wait for him to feel Baby kick and wriggle!

Sickness is starting to abate. I can't drive without munching on Trebor Extra Strong Mints! They really settle my tum down.

I am starting to feel a bit better in myself, but, and this is a big but......a week last Saturday, I came home from work with a bit of a sore throat, didn't think anymore of it, just put it down to one of those things. However, it didn't go away with me not thinking about it. By end of play Tuesday, I was down to a hoarse whisper, my voice had gone. Wednesday I'd already taken as Annual Leave so I could go to Knitterati. Wednesday was spent in bed. Thursday and Friday I struggled into work, barely able to whisper and feeling like the proverbial bag of spanners. Saturday and Sunday saw me doing not a lot, apart from go down hill further.

Monday was a day off. I spent 25 minutes constantly trying to get through to the GP surgery, and managed to get an emergency appointment at 5.50 that evening. My throat feels awful. Swallowing is very painful, with lots of thick 'crud' knocking about (the less said about that the better!) Even when drinking I have a slight reflux. So now, I'm on day 2 of anti-biotics, and trying to believe that things are getting better. The anti-biotic is the most safest for Baby. I did have a choice whether to start the anti-biotic, my rationale was that I had been badly for over a week and things were still getting worse.

So lots of rest for me and LS. Attempting to talk is a no-no. Must keep LS safe as possible. Infected Laryngitis, anyone want it? I've got plenty to go around!!