Friday, 12 March 2010

Two Knits for Little Spud

This is the first garment I have done for LS. It's a hooded wasitcoat. I did it in Sirdar Tiny Tots, DK. It was quite nice to do, lots of picking up stitches. Doesn't photo well at all cos it's black! I need to put buttons and loops on when I know which side to put them on. The Christmas Pram Blankie. The lump under it is the cushion, no worries there. It was done in Katia Astrakan, purchased at Yarn Gathering, Stone. I need to get some pretty christmas buttons to put where the colour change is.

It is noteworthy to do regular stitch counts, due to the nature of the yarn. I'm sure I cast off less stitches than what I cast on, but I'm turning a blind eye to that, as once it's in situ and being used, it might not be that noticeable...... it's only one or two stitches, nothing too noticeable......

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