Wednesday, 24 March 2010

20 Weeks - Half Way There!

I was 20 weeks on Monday - Half way there ( now how many people have now got... Living on a prayer.......going through their heads??! I have, unfortunatley!)

Next Monday afternoon is Anomoly Scan day, another chance to see Little Spud and to check that all is well, and that growth has been happening at the correct rate. And to see if LS is being co-operative and will show us his/her bits so we can see if LS is a girl or a boy. We don't want to wait for the surprise, although I do realise this is down to LS next Monday! I shall have to have quiet words! HK is still adamant that LS is a girl. He's already started with the Protective Father comments (rants) that if any man shows interest in her before she is 30 then he will take a shotgun to them...... oh dear...... I then have to remind him of things, it's fun.

I'm getting more and more rotund - fat as HK says when he is trying to cheer me up and make me smile. Lying down and sleeping is starting to become a little uncomfortable. Time to start propping up tum when lying down I think! Even when turning over in bed, I usually now have to hold my tummy, or LS ends up turning over after I do, if you see what I mean!

I'm giving serious thought as to when to start Maternity Leave. The way I've been feeling of late, I want to start as soon as possible, including taking two weeks annual leave. The main down sides of this decision are two fold. Firstly, I have been told that I am only entitled to 13 weeks Maternity Pay from work, so if I go early then I will be on benefits shortly after the birth. Secondly, I'm under the impression that even thought Mums are entitled to a years maternity leave, the last 3 months do not attract pay/benefits. So I would have to go back to work when Baby is around 6 months old.

The worries following on from that is the issue of Child Care. Are there childminders out there that look after 6 month old babies from just before 6AM till just after 5pm, or even till gone 10pm? And just how much does this service cost and does it make it worth while actually going out to work in the first place? And do I really want someone else spending so much time raising our baby?!

Then there is the ongoing issue of getting HK to work and back each day. There seems to be no movement on this what so ever. It looks like I shall be driving, regardless. Hmmph. I need cheering up. A day of Crochet today - continuing making a rather lush shawl is on the cards for today, happy days.


paula said...

lush shawl . . . .as in for warmth or for nursing coverage

CarpeDyem said...

Lush as in warmth. I've used a chunky chenille - Sirdar Wow, in black with a 15mm hook. It's incredibley touchy-feely. I'm hoping to get it finished today (maybe tomorrow, depending on time) so will blog with photos! Watch this space!