Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Virus Free

My laptop is now virus free after having to take it to the 'Laptop Hospital' and parting with some hard earned cash. Acutally it wasn't as expensive as what I thought it would be, thankfully. The shop didn't say what virus it was, just that it was a particularly nasty one and that the hard drive had to be wiped. Anti virus soft ware is bang up to date. I'm now safely back online.

Apologies if the virus has effected you, as it did me. I guess the people who dream these viruses up don't really give a damn about how their handiwork impacts on lives. If they are so clever, then why don't they dream up the antedotes and send them as well? Why do they do it in the first place? All I can think of is along the same lines as why people climb mountains - because they are there, because they can, because they like a challenge. Well that's the more pleasanter explanation from me.

And the less pleasanter explanation - because they are all 'See You Next Tuesdays'. Haha. Always got a naughty side, me!!

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