Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Cows, lambs, gardening and starting to re-adjust life.

Yesterday I received that work had decided, that due to my Asthma and Diabetes, that I should stay at home for the next 12 weeks, as a prevention.  I'm happy with this, as long as I don't have a drop in pay!!  MJ cried and cried when I told her, happy tears so we could spend time together.  My main goal today is to stop the growing whirlwind in my head of what can we do?  There is soooo much I would like to do.  And yes I am including lots of rest time and Mindfulness.  And MJ's ongoing education - she is sat opposite me at the kitchen table doing her maths.

We were both awake early.  MJ was out on her bike before 8 o'clock, riding up and down the lane.  Yesterday she cycled to Irton Church for the second time, she was very proud of herself for doing this.

We had a walk onto the farm as T (Farm Worker) told us there was a newborn calf, if we would like to see it - which we did! We went up after tea (Wrap Pizza, delicious!)  The young cows were being let out onto the yard for the first time (I think).  They were very frolicsome, more than that, going a bit daft was the phrase B (Farmer and Landlord) used!  The young cows are being moved into the field next to the garden and the ewes and lambs were moved to the field opposite us.  I shall miss looking out the kitchen window and seeing the lambs - on the upside I shall see cows instead!

I spent some time in the garden,  the more time I was out there, the more overwhelmed with jobs that need doing.  However gardening is to be an enjoyable and pleasurable thing - remind me of that later!  So after calming my mind and just being present in the garden (and thinking how lucky I am), my thoughts slowed.  I have roughly marked an area which is going to be the veg patch.  I spent quite a while cutting things back, mainly brambles.  Still a huge amount to do.  I want identify where to grow soft fruit and plant a small cherry tree (I think it is a cherry tree, I can't remember!)  Also some soft fruit bushes that I bought last year and didn't get to plant, are starting to grow.  Action stations!!

The cows have been let into the field.  They are mooing and running all over the place.  Happy cows.

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

A Morning at Home.

Well it's all happening with Corona Virus and Covid 19.  I don't need to say much more about it at the moment - but I might later, just for something to look back on, to put it into historical perspective. 

I still not have sussed out a good way to get photo's on here easily, though I still have irons in the fire.  I have a new phone, so there will be new or other options.  Pictures are good!

As things stand at the moment, I was turned away from work yesterday as I have 'Underlying Health Conditions'.  Senior Management were unable to tell me yesterday if I was to stay off work on these grounds, however advised that I stay off today as well, to give them more room to decide and refer to newly written policies.

MJ was at school yesterday, which she thoroughly enjoyed.  She is at home today, because I am at home.  This is probably school's last day of being open as it is not feasible for school to stay open for three children.  Those needing to attend will be directed to a Central School Hub.  All this is up in the air for MJ and I whilst we await work telling me if my Underlying Health Conditions are chronic enough for me to be told to #Stay At Home. 

My mindset is gearing for staying at home - I'm thinking of all the crafting, gardening, house sorting and straightening I can do, as well as spend some quality time with MJ.  At work we have been told to only have essential contact.  Last week I had one conversation with a patient, the rest of the time I was sat at a desk.