Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Crochet Bunting

I am still very much in a mindset to do simple projects that can be done easily, that can be picked up and put down and that enhance the home.  The night before last, following inspiration from J showing me crochet bunting on YouTube and in her new craft books, I took up my hook.

I've dug into my dwindling stash of Peaches and Creme and found the last five balls of Winterberry, which I bought around ten years ago (yes that scares me, ten years ago!)  I'd originally bought numerous balls to make a bathroom pedestal set, but only made a mat, which has been used every day since and has lived in my bedroom for many years.

I can get 4 triangles out of each ball on a 4mm hook.  However, I changed to 4.5mm hook as the central part was bubbling/raised and the outside was curling.  It's still happening, but not as much, so if you know a solution, let me know!

After seeing my Christmas pan mats, gifted to me by Paula, some years back, hanging in my kitchen, I'm again re-inspired to do more seasonal ones.  I say re-inspired as I've been wanting to do seasonal cloths/mats for eons.  

It's New Year's Eve today.  MJ has consigned me to my room until she has laid out party food in the kitchen, although I've not had breakfast yet!  She is excited about the new year.  I've said she can stay up, as opposed to her going to bed, me telling her to settle every half hour then getting her up just before midnight.  So we are going to have a party, with party food, sparklers and streamers.  And a trip to Tesco to get bog roll, milk and cat food - oh yes!  MJ and I have four cats now!

Saturday, 28 December 2019

Dipping my toe in again

I'm reviving my blog.  I need to learn about it all over again - things have changed!