Thursday, 27 May 2010

Scary Day

Yesterday wasn't going to bad until I noticed some PV bleeding. Followed by some abdo cramps. Followed by increased anxiety! I managed to get an appointment with the Midwife, luckily an hour or so later. Wednesday is the Midwife Clinic at the GP Surgery.

After assessment and listening to Spudletta's heart, which was beating as strong and regular as ever (massive decrease in anxiety levels at this point, needless to say!) I was advised to go to the Hospital to the Maternity Delivery Unit to be checked out.

It was the first time I had been there, and the anxiety levels escalated again. I was shown to a bed and sat and sobbed. A midwife came, reassured me, spoke with me, took my details. I felt better in myself and by this point the cramps were no where near as bad. My BP & pulse were fine, I was expecting them to be elevated, but no. She hooked me up to a machine to monitor baby for about 30 minutes. But Baby was being her awkward little self! She let the midwife know she was there and that she was fine - heart beat and movements noted. But did she stay still to get hooked up? Not a chance! She wriggled this way and that way and wouldn't stay still - still indicating that she was fine and dandy, if not awkward!

HK was still at work, as with no transport, he couldn't get back, which didn't help me or him. However, there was a waggon leaving his place to do a delivery in Stafford, so he got a lift all the way to the hospital. It made me feel so much better seeing him and him being there. He was besides himself with worry, to say the least.

The midwives were happy. I was seen by the Doctor - speculum examination and HVS taken (high vaginal swab). A urine sample was also sent to the lab. Turns out that I have Thrush and that this is the likely cause of the bleeding and cramps.

It scared the beejeebers out of me. It even crossed my head that Spud was going to be a May Baby instead of an August Baby. We were both shattered by the time we got home in the evening. I feel achey at the moment, I think just through the sheer stress of the situation, even though I slept very well. Restful and relaxing day for me today, all at my own pace!

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Poorly Chook & TV Knitting

I am starting to feel a little better with this nasty cold. Not quite out of the woods yet, but it is in sight. A few more days rest sprinkled with doing a few little jobs might sort me out. I'm still not well enough to go Knit Chicks or Knitterati, but am there in spirit.

The EZ Surprise Jacket is coming along okay, it seems. I still maintain that I am sure that I may have done it slightly different last time. A temporary cast on keeps coming to mind. As long as the finished thing is wearable then I shall be happy, and perhaps I may do another one. It doesn't seem as scary to do as the first one, that may be something to do with me being more skilled and confident. Not to mention keeping all the increases and decreases in all the right places! More knitting today should see a near completion, all being well.

We lost one of the Chooks, one of the little Modern Games. It appears that she may have been trying to lay an egg and over pushed. She looked quite unwell and closer inspection showed that she had about two inches of her inners protuding from her vent. Decision made, she was quickly and painlessly dispatched by HK. So now we only have four Chooks.

I finally saw the end of two programmes I have been watching on the Idiot Box - 'Ashes to Ashes' and 'John Adams'. Ashes to Ashes - ooooooh wasn't expecting that ending, but liked it. It tied all four series up well. John Adams - well, I shed a tear when Abigail died, not to mention wincing somewhat at the masectomy. Did Mr Adams and Mr Jefferson really die on the same day, co-incidentally the 50th anniversary of American Independance? I shall have to look that up and see how much poetic licence was granted on that one. I enjoyed both programmes though.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

First Soakers Completed!

I have finished the first pair of soakers! I really enjoyed doing them and am planning to do more! I used Sirdar Snuggly Kisses. Okay so it's acrylic rather than wool, so I shall see how they go, at least they should wash well! I've not done any ribbing on the leg holes, perhaps will do on the next pair and have a play around with size, thickness of yarn etc. The size I have done is for New Born. They do look small to me - am more used to my size of bloomers than Baby sizes!

I have found a few other patterns about the place, including a couple in a 1940's/50's vintage pattern book, which look quite cute! As well as re-exploring what is on Ravelry. I did find a very groovy pair of leggins with a monster on the bum!! When I picked the pattern, I wanted to use the simplest one I could find (on Ravelry). I now have a very heavy cold, which means I'm wheezing and my chest is bubbling with every breath. Lying down and sleeping is not fun. I know I am disturbing HK at night and he is very worried about my health at the moment.

So the simple pattern took two days of knitting to do. Whilst being able to to concentrate only on the simplest of things to knit, I mused about doing, then decided to do, an Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise Jacket. I must have been running a temperature as well!! I have done a jacket before, a couple of years ago.

I have now cast it on and have about finished the first lot of decreases. I am still using a lot of blind faith with the pattern, it doesn't particularly look like the other one I did. I shall persevere and not panic! I am hoping that I will have enough yarn left over to make a simple soaker, maybe.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Soaker Day

I'm distracted (read pre-occupied) with a new pattern. I'm itching to cast on - providing I have the yarn in the stash - I'm sure I have - DK wool! The pattern is for a New Born Soaker on flat needles, in English, it is a knitted version of those nasty plastic pants that you put over baby's nappy, using straight needles. I've picked a simple pattern to do, there are some that start with Magic Loop cast on etc, but my head can only cope with very simple things at the moment, plus my concentration isn't at it's best.

I Have finished some coasters for a swap. I really enjoyed doing these, and will do some for my home. I did them in trusty Peaches & Creme, so they will wash well. I'm sure yesterday I was itching to start another project, but was very good and decided to finish the coasters before I turned my attention to soemthing else. But I've slept since then and I can't remember what yesterday's burning wannado project was. It might have been to sew some sqaures together to form a blankie. Perhaps, sounds like it. But this is today, and today is Soaker Day

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Room Swap

We've had further thoughts on which room is going to be Baby's room. We have now decided that Baby's room is going to be my knitting room. It is a big, lighter airier room and looks out onto the garden. Just need to swap everything over. I don't make things easy at all. But we'll get there. So today will see the start of the Great Swapping Of Rooms. Shall I discover yarn that I had forgotten about - probably! And I will be distracted with all the projects I can make with all the yarns....... I still need to give Extreme Knitting & Crochet a go. That was going to be the Ultimate Stash Busting Project! I have seen some rugs and things made like this and they are absolutely jaw dropping.

See, I'm distracted already! I will have to get some baskets to put yarn in to put on shelves. I also want to bring the cross stitch things to the new room as well. It shall be interesting to say the least. But do-able (fingers crossed!).

GTT Results

Apparantly I don't have Gestational Diabetes - which is a good thing. I did find it a little disconcerting that when the midwife rang for the results, she had to ask whether the results were 'okay' or 'not'. But they are within normal range, so that's okay! I may also have another nasty UTI, the sample has been sent off for analysis, so by the time that comes back, the UTI may well be rip-roaring.

I need to go to the hospital today to have more routine bloods taken. The midwife did have a tentative go, but that was it. I think she had decided that I ought to go the hospital before she even tried as I said that my veins were well hidded and not easy to get blood from. I have to mention somewhere, the length of her nails - a good inch at least!! I mean! I suppose I have become fastidious in my old age and used to being a hard-nosed nurse. Tsk!

Never mind, shall see how the next appointment goes and try not to get too nit picky - she didn't introduce her student let alone ask if it was okay with me for her to be there........

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The Knitting Room

I have made some headway in my knitting room. I have re-homed another pile of magazines - over a foot in height. Plus two bin liners of rubbish. You can now actually see the far corner of the room. I knew it was always there, but HK had his doubts. The top of the desk is virtually clear, just a few things need putting in another place. The plan is to move HK's laptop, the printer etc to in here(!) I just need to sort out the bookcase so I can move some of my cross stitching paraphenalia from the front room into here. So progress is being made, honest!

This is the general view of the room, from by the door. It does look untidy on first glance, but look closer, it isn't as bad as what as it has been. Empty magazine holders can be seen on the shelves. There is still 4 skeins of yarn to be balled up, 2 skeins are very resistive of this and are full of tangles. I did threaten them yesterday with the bin unless they co-operate next time I have a go at balling them.

A closer look at the shelving. See, it doesn't seem that bad! Still lots of room for improvement, which will happen, believe me. I have always been a bit of an untidy bod. HK, however is the complete opposite - tidy, ordered and not a bit of clutter to be seen. I tell him I'm his 'Tidy Nemesis'. We have compromised, where I try and be tidy and not leave my things all around the house and he realises that I will never reach his level of Tidy Order. I am allowed a corner in the front room to put my bits, and to put a few things on my rocking chair. But I can't put too much in either place, and tidy regularly. Fair enough really!
One of my storage areas for yarn. This is admittedly a mess and needs sorting. It's been over rummaged and not straightened. The TV and the DVD player are going at the weekend as well. I haven't used them since HK put them in there for me. I'm not one that needs background noise all the time, sometimes it's nice to have peace and quiet and just listen to the natual noise around me. Plus my head is usually whizzing with what I can do with all the lovely yarn, that I don't need further distraction of more noise!

Another stash unit. I had the stupid idea yesterday of finding somewhere else to put the yarn in here, so I could get rid of the actual unit and make more space. I'll not do anything with it until the room is straight and I can see where the space is. I know there is space in the cupboard area of the dresser next to it. I'm trying to stash bust as much as I can. I know over the next year or so, yarn purchasing will be reduced. It doesn't bother me too much, as I know it will take a couple of months of Sundays to make a reasonable dent in this lot. There is also 2 further free standing units of yarn as well.......

Monday, 17 May 2010

GTT & Baby Blanket Done!

The GTT is all done. Not as bad as what I thought it would be, thankfully! The dreaded blood tests were not veinous, instead done by finger pricks - like regular Blood Glucose Monitoring. Not a bruise in sight! The waiting room was quite full, and got a little stuffy despite the window being open. However there was lots and lots of sniffs and not a tissue to be seen. Tsk! Must be getting a funny bod in my old age!

There was a lady in there waiting fo rher husband, who was having a procedure done in the Day Unit. We both smiled at each other. I thought 'I recognise you', but place her I couldn't. Not until a nurse came in and spoke to her. Per-ding! I knew exactly who she was. She is a Medical Secretary. I have worked in the same team as her twice now. I have to say hand on heart, she is probably the best Medical Secretary I have come across, a complete font of knowledge and information, and pleasant with it. So we had a chat and a catch up.

The GTT took over two hours. My bum was so square after, with all that sitting down! However the grots did not surface, so the glucose drink must have held them at bay. When I got home I had two doorstop pieces of toast with peanut butter, followed by some chocolate raisens, a nap on the sofa, followed by a nap on the bed!!

I took my baby blanket with me and made good headway with it. To the point that it is now completed - by default that I ran out of cotton! But I think it is a good size, not that I have measured it. I'm pleased with it and am tempted to do another one! The yarn is peaches & creme, although I can't think what the colourway is. Another item for Baby.

Glucose Tolerance Test

I have a Glucose Tolerance Test - GTT - this morning at the Hospital. I'm not overly looking forward to it - apart from it interfering with the weekly knit at Druckers. From 9pm last night it was nil by mouth apart from water. My appointment is at 9am. I will be required to have a few blood tests and drink a glucose drink (bet that tastes yuk!) then have a few more blood tests. My veins are not easiest to detect never mind withdraw blood from. The last time I had bloods done at the hospital, my arm was so bruised! The bruise was well over 6 inches in length plus there was bruises that fitted finger marks from where the phlebotomist was holding on to my arm and wiggling the needle.

I don't enjoy having bloods done due to my veins going into hiding and ensuing discomfort. Not to mention the actual process of having bloods taken!

The other bit that I'm not looking forward to is that the whole GTT takes just over 2 hours. So liklihood is that I won't be eating till about 12. And I just know that I will feel so grotty for going so long without food. Never mind. It is for the good of my and Baby's health.

I don't think I have gestational diabetes, I don't have any of the classic symptoms and Baby seems to be growing at an average rate. But due to my BMI and close family history of diabetes, it needs to be done.

On the upside - I have decided to have (depending on hunger!) when I get home, a peanut butter sandwich and/or toast with Rhubarb and Apple jam that I made last week. All with bread thatI made yesterday! Yum yum! Plus whilst I'm sat around during the test, I have to sit/rest, so my hands will be busy - crocheting a cot blanket!

Friday, 14 May 2010

Making Space

I made a concerted effort to create space in what is going to be Baby's Room. Before we started work on it, the room was given over to books but mainly DVD's - probably well over 1000 of them. HK has re-homed about 2/3 of them. Oh and this figure doesn't count the old video's either!

I had two book cases and a bit of shelving to clear. One complete book case is full of nursey books, the vast majority forensic psychiatric health care from when I did my Masters Programme. I was very ruthless with the rest of them. I've kept only Terry Pratchett books and reference type books - and that doesn't include the nursey books!

I've decided to go through whats left of my knitting magazines as well. I have already got rid of about half of them. This re-think was inspired by Carol, who was having a de-clutter of her magazines. She said that as much as she kept them to refer back to them, all she does is dust them. Oh gosh, how familiar is that thought?! That caused a 'Ping' reaction in my napper. So over the weekend I will be ultra ruthless. I've not been this ruthless with the cross stitch mags. Their designs don't seem to age as much as knitwear. I'm sticking with that excuse for now anyhow!

In between all this, I started to make a cot blanket for Spud. I was given two cones of Peaches & Creme (lucky me!) in the autumn and decided to use one of these. All hail Peaches & Creme! They are both ombres of baby colours. I had a vision in my mind of a crochet blanket. I started using a 6mm hook as I wanted it quite loose. That got frogged. Enter 5mm hook and an episode of 'Fringe' (which to me was the first 'filler' episode I have seen, never mind). I got the square - rectangle to be precise to about 7" and wasn't really happy with it. Y'know the feeling. You're not happy but carry on regardless incase you change your mind as you can't quite put your finger on why you don't like it. That is until you face the decision that 'it is growing quite big and would be a shame to frog it now it has got this size!' Now how many of you are nodding with knowing wry grins??!!

So I took a long, hard look at it. The edges seemed to flute more than what they normally do and it seemed bulkier, I could put this down to the actual cotton yarn. Frog Frog Frog. Followed by a Power Nap. I decided that I will try again using a slightly different pattern, inspired by a soap bag that Paula Tavish sent me.

So that's on today's agenda. Along with dusting and de-cluttering more knitting magazines.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Gothic Prague Shawl & Gifts for Baby

Yesterday I spent the day at Carols, a very enjoyable and relaxing day, as ever! Not to mention the box of choccie biccies on the table! I was determined to finish my Gothic Prague shawl, with just under two balls to go, this seemed achieveable. I called it 'Gothic Prague' for two reasons. Firstly, when I started it in March, I was watching 'Most Haunted Gothic Prague'; and secondly, it's in purple and black - tres goth! The stitch is simple - half a granny square. It did start life as a 3/4 square, but it didn't quite work out how I anticipated, so it got frogged and I went for the original half square. I used a 15mm hook. It took 8 50g balls of Katia Surprise, which I got from Yarn Gathering of Stone. I will try and get better photos as this one doesn't really give it justice. But I took the photo at 07:30 and there was no-one around to help take photos! So it's draped over the end of the chicken run, it did get investigated for eating properties but failed on that front - thankfully!

Linda gave me a set of mittens and bootees for Baby - so pretty and soft! I was over the moon with them! I can't wait to use them, Baby will look a toff, a very warm, pretty toff!

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Shoulder Shawl

At Knitting yesterday, Jo was sporting a rather gorgeous Shoulder Shawl that she had made using Noro Silk Garden Chunky. I viewed it very much with Green Eyes, you knitters will know exactly what I mean - you see, you want, you stash surf, you knit!

Once home I found the pattern - it's on Ravelry - and wrote it down. I dug out some James Brett 'Marble' Chunky, the nearest thing I had to Noro, well colourwise anyway. It said on the pattern to use 10mm needles. The ball band said 6mm, so I compromised and used 8mm (straights then circulars). Jo's looked fairly loose, so I thought that seemed an okay size to use.
I cast on like one possessed and off I went for an hour or two. I picked it up again this morning, put the idiot box on and off I went, thinking I would not stop until I finished. 'Ghost Hunters' and half of 'Most Haunted' whooshed by. I was getting restless and tired. The shawl seemed an okay size to cast off. I can remember Jo saying something about 16" or you could do it longer. Mine measured 27" along the neck side. Where oh where did the 16" come from? Never mind. With the end in sight, I cast off.

I promptly posted on Ravelry. I then thought I would revisit the original pattern - I had written it down instead of printing it. This 16" was playing on my mind a little. My shoulder shawl sat a little up my neck and Jo's had not. Hhhmmph.

Then all became clear. The 16" was the measurement from the centre of the neck edge down to the point. Mine is only 12". Theme and variation. And a moral or two in there. Write the whole pattern down, especially when it's a simple one. Read the whole pattern before you start. Especially the simple ones. Tsk Tsk! On the upside that pattern does lend itself to theme and variation, whether you mean to or not!!
I like it anyway - it'll be good when I'm sat in a draft, with my hair up or when I'm driving!!

More from the garden!

This picture is especially for Paula! Me and Spudletta! Just under 13 weeks to go yet........ HobbitKeeper (aka Poppa Bear!) having a well earned break - is that from gardening or looking after me?!

The ever handsome Mr Rhinog!

Yours truly! A coupleof weeks ago. It was bright, hence the hat, but getting a bit nippy - any excuse to wear my Lush Shawl! And it was so toasty and snuggly!

The garden is growing

We managed to spend some time out in the garden on Sunday. It wasn't the warmest of days, but the few hours spent our there was much needed!

This is the lettuce for the Chooks, growing in the potting shed. I'm not sure what sort of lettuce it it, it has a slight peppery taste, might be all year round lettuce. Also a few tomato plants lurking in there as well! The Rhubarb! The first crop of the season. After this I pulled most of it, half of it has now been made into jam, the rest may be a crumble by the end of the day......
Onions. The first time we have grown onions, so far so good!
Some of the Early tatties, seeming to do well. 13 out of 15 plants had come through when we looked last evening.
More lettuce. It's growing opposite the Chicken Run, and by gum, it drives the girls nuts
being able to see it and not eat it!

Bradford Fire 25 Years On

Thoughts and Rememberences to all who lost loved ones due to the Bradford Football Stadium Fire, 25 years ago today.

56 RIP

Monday, 10 May 2010

Notions Bag from BrooklynIrishGirl

Last week I recieved my parcel from BrooklyIrishGirl, in the April ItsyBitsy Swap. The parcel was really lovely, lots of goodies! I can't wait to start using the things that I was sent. Karen sent me some stretchy sock yarn, the sort of which I don't think I've seen here, Plus a few patterns for socks! A good kick start for me for my Year of The Sock! Karen also sent some garden themed buttons, a pretzel mould, a tea towel and a bookmark.

Here is a close up of the bag, I love the colours. At the moment I have it hanging off my lamp, so it is easy to access and use!

So big Thanks to Karen - aka BrooklynIrishGirl!!


Friday saw my last day at work. A strange day. I don't think I'd properly mentally prepared myself for it. Train of thoughts at times went.... I can do that after the weekend, got that meeting during the week etc. Until it hit me like a wet kipper each time that after the weekend I will be at home and won't be at work to attend that meeting...... weird.
At lunchtime a Fuddle had been organised. It was lovely, with lots of lovely nibblies and I renewed my liking of profiteroles! I spent a good few hours grazing. Charl & I started with crisps and dip at just after 10am. Needless to say by the time I got home I didn't want any tea as I'd eaten enough!
I was presented with a pretty bunch of flowers, the photo doesn't do them justice.
So, now I think I will be around here a lot more. I seem to have missed out on blogging so much over the last few months due mainly to me being so tired on my days off. All will change!