Thursday, 20 May 2010

GTT Results

Apparantly I don't have Gestational Diabetes - which is a good thing. I did find it a little disconcerting that when the midwife rang for the results, she had to ask whether the results were 'okay' or 'not'. But they are within normal range, so that's okay! I may also have another nasty UTI, the sample has been sent off for analysis, so by the time that comes back, the UTI may well be rip-roaring.

I need to go to the hospital today to have more routine bloods taken. The midwife did have a tentative go, but that was it. I think she had decided that I ought to go the hospital before she even tried as I said that my veins were well hidded and not easy to get blood from. I have to mention somewhere, the length of her nails - a good inch at least!! I mean! I suppose I have become fastidious in my old age and used to being a hard-nosed nurse. Tsk!

Never mind, shall see how the next appointment goes and try not to get too nit picky - she didn't introduce her student let alone ask if it was okay with me for her to be there........

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