Friday, 14 May 2010

Making Space

I made a concerted effort to create space in what is going to be Baby's Room. Before we started work on it, the room was given over to books but mainly DVD's - probably well over 1000 of them. HK has re-homed about 2/3 of them. Oh and this figure doesn't count the old video's either!

I had two book cases and a bit of shelving to clear. One complete book case is full of nursey books, the vast majority forensic psychiatric health care from when I did my Masters Programme. I was very ruthless with the rest of them. I've kept only Terry Pratchett books and reference type books - and that doesn't include the nursey books!

I've decided to go through whats left of my knitting magazines as well. I have already got rid of about half of them. This re-think was inspired by Carol, who was having a de-clutter of her magazines. She said that as much as she kept them to refer back to them, all she does is dust them. Oh gosh, how familiar is that thought?! That caused a 'Ping' reaction in my napper. So over the weekend I will be ultra ruthless. I've not been this ruthless with the cross stitch mags. Their designs don't seem to age as much as knitwear. I'm sticking with that excuse for now anyhow!

In between all this, I started to make a cot blanket for Spud. I was given two cones of Peaches & Creme (lucky me!) in the autumn and decided to use one of these. All hail Peaches & Creme! They are both ombres of baby colours. I had a vision in my mind of a crochet blanket. I started using a 6mm hook as I wanted it quite loose. That got frogged. Enter 5mm hook and an episode of 'Fringe' (which to me was the first 'filler' episode I have seen, never mind). I got the square - rectangle to be precise to about 7" and wasn't really happy with it. Y'know the feeling. You're not happy but carry on regardless incase you change your mind as you can't quite put your finger on why you don't like it. That is until you face the decision that 'it is growing quite big and would be a shame to frog it now it has got this size!' Now how many of you are nodding with knowing wry grins??!!

So I took a long, hard look at it. The edges seemed to flute more than what they normally do and it seemed bulkier, I could put this down to the actual cotton yarn. Frog Frog Frog. Followed by a Power Nap. I decided that I will try again using a slightly different pattern, inspired by a soap bag that Paula Tavish sent me.

So that's on today's agenda. Along with dusting and de-cluttering more knitting magazines.

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