Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Poorly Chook & TV Knitting

I am starting to feel a little better with this nasty cold. Not quite out of the woods yet, but it is in sight. A few more days rest sprinkled with doing a few little jobs might sort me out. I'm still not well enough to go Knit Chicks or Knitterati, but am there in spirit.

The EZ Surprise Jacket is coming along okay, it seems. I still maintain that I am sure that I may have done it slightly different last time. A temporary cast on keeps coming to mind. As long as the finished thing is wearable then I shall be happy, and perhaps I may do another one. It doesn't seem as scary to do as the first one, that may be something to do with me being more skilled and confident. Not to mention keeping all the increases and decreases in all the right places! More knitting today should see a near completion, all being well.

We lost one of the Chooks, one of the little Modern Games. It appears that she may have been trying to lay an egg and over pushed. She looked quite unwell and closer inspection showed that she had about two inches of her inners protuding from her vent. Decision made, she was quickly and painlessly dispatched by HK. So now we only have four Chooks.

I finally saw the end of two programmes I have been watching on the Idiot Box - 'Ashes to Ashes' and 'John Adams'. Ashes to Ashes - ooooooh wasn't expecting that ending, but liked it. It tied all four series up well. John Adams - well, I shed a tear when Abigail died, not to mention wincing somewhat at the masectomy. Did Mr Adams and Mr Jefferson really die on the same day, co-incidentally the 50th anniversary of American Independance? I shall have to look that up and see how much poetic licence was granted on that one. I enjoyed both programmes though.


paula said...

Yes . . they did die on the same day . . ironic, isn't it.

Poor chook . . may she rest in peace.

CarpeDyem said...

Hi Paula! Thanks for the info! Very ironic, yes. I shall still do some 'spare time learning' about it all. I did start asking myself questions and very vague distant bells were ringing in my head, some to do with the abolition of Slavery - did Jefferson have a hand in this or not? I know Wilberforce? did over here. I know I studied it and took interest in it at school.......