Thursday, 20 May 2010

Room Swap

We've had further thoughts on which room is going to be Baby's room. We have now decided that Baby's room is going to be my knitting room. It is a big, lighter airier room and looks out onto the garden. Just need to swap everything over. I don't make things easy at all. But we'll get there. So today will see the start of the Great Swapping Of Rooms. Shall I discover yarn that I had forgotten about - probably! And I will be distracted with all the projects I can make with all the yarns....... I still need to give Extreme Knitting & Crochet a go. That was going to be the Ultimate Stash Busting Project! I have seen some rugs and things made like this and they are absolutely jaw dropping.

See, I'm distracted already! I will have to get some baskets to put yarn in to put on shelves. I also want to bring the cross stitch things to the new room as well. It shall be interesting to say the least. But do-able (fingers crossed!).


paula said...

Cross stitch . . .i didn't know you did that? I just started it again . . I started a "stitch-a-long" that is a Blessings Sampler. 100 squares 1" x 1" . . .each to hold a blessing. I have 16 done . . Ithink, and know what the next 23 are going to e . . from there, I don't knoww.

Wouldn't a 100 square sampler be need to make for the Spud?

CarpeDyem said...

I've cross-stitched for years and years althougth I haven't done any for a couple fo years, since I got back into knitting. But I'm getting the itch! I would like to do a Birth Sampler. A Blessign Sampler sounds lovely, but a bit too big of a project for me at the moment!

So with yours, is there a blessing in each 1" sqaure? Will take another look at yours!