Monday, 17 May 2010

GTT & Baby Blanket Done!

The GTT is all done. Not as bad as what I thought it would be, thankfully! The dreaded blood tests were not veinous, instead done by finger pricks - like regular Blood Glucose Monitoring. Not a bruise in sight! The waiting room was quite full, and got a little stuffy despite the window being open. However there was lots and lots of sniffs and not a tissue to be seen. Tsk! Must be getting a funny bod in my old age!

There was a lady in there waiting fo rher husband, who was having a procedure done in the Day Unit. We both smiled at each other. I thought 'I recognise you', but place her I couldn't. Not until a nurse came in and spoke to her. Per-ding! I knew exactly who she was. She is a Medical Secretary. I have worked in the same team as her twice now. I have to say hand on heart, she is probably the best Medical Secretary I have come across, a complete font of knowledge and information, and pleasant with it. So we had a chat and a catch up.

The GTT took over two hours. My bum was so square after, with all that sitting down! However the grots did not surface, so the glucose drink must have held them at bay. When I got home I had two doorstop pieces of toast with peanut butter, followed by some chocolate raisens, a nap on the sofa, followed by a nap on the bed!!

I took my baby blanket with me and made good headway with it. To the point that it is now completed - by default that I ran out of cotton! But I think it is a good size, not that I have measured it. I'm pleased with it and am tempted to do another one! The yarn is peaches & creme, although I can't think what the colourway is. Another item for Baby.


paula said...

YEAH . . . .I get to keep up with you now . . .keep these posts coming.

CarpeDyem said...

Shall do my bestest!!!