Monday, 15 June 2009

The Scroll Lace Shawl and American Magazines

As well as sitting in the garden yesterday, HobbitKeeper picked up my latest copy of 'Yarn Forward' magazine from the newagent. I had a good look through, feeling too tired to knit. There was quite a few projects that caught my eye. One of them was the 'Scroll Shawl' by Ysolda Teague. I'd already sussed out that I had a yarn that I could do it in.

One of those yarns in my stash that I bought impulsively, that I just loved the colour way. It's one of the recommeded substitute yarns. Now my only concern is that..... I'm using the same weight of yarn, 100g, but the yardage is less than what is specified in the pattern. My dilemma is ....... will there be enough yarn in the same weight??!!

I've taken the plunge - or is it I took the risk and decided to crack on and hope for the best! So this morning, after getting my jobs done, okay, some of my jobs done, I got myself organised in the garden.... magazine, yarn, circular needles, crochet hook, glasses, note pad and ubiquitous cup o'tea!

The shawl starts with the edging - using a provisional cast on - hence the crochet hook! Happily I can say that I have now got the hang of this cast on method! So I was part way through doing the first set of pattern repeats when there was an almighty knocking on the door. A sort of knocking that only a Postie can do.....

Postie had got a package for me, from Tavish in Tonawanda, USA!

This is what was in the parcel! Four magazines - knit'n'style, mother earth news and two womens magazines. There are already knitting projects and baking that has caught my eye!
Tavish has also sent a bag of rather nice looking biscuits from Indy for Rhinog, a pretty chicken notebook, a card with a pie on that looks good enough to eat and a terra cotta 'Welcome to my garden' sign!
Thanks going out to Tavish! Another fab parcel from you! Thank you!

Sunday Afternoon, Rocky and Strawberries!

After finishing a gruelling first week back at work (eight shifts in five days), I spent the rest of Sunday in the garden, winding down.

The beetroot, onions, lettuce and cauli are coming on okay. Unripe strawberries, enjoying the sunshine
HobbitKeeper has been very busy in the potting shed. He has made some raised beds and constucted a self watering system. We are hoping in winter to be able to grow lettuce for the chooks and other stuff in here. These are the Chilli plants. We've not grown chillis before......

Rhinog enjoying being in the garden, close to where his Momma is sat!
My view from the bottom of the garden, with a glass of wine for the tired worker!
May I introduce Rocky, the Rhode Island red?! She is a very lively friendly gal! Every time we open the run, she is trying to get out and doesn't mind being handled.
Me picking strawberries growing in the guttering along the side of the potting shed.
One of the afore-mentioned stawbs! Very tasty!
A few of the strawbs, they're quite small but scrummy and juicy!

Package from Carina

Last week I had a Parcel from Carina in Aland (sorry I don't know how to put the 'extra' bits on the 'A'!) The parcel was wonderful!

Carina had sent me some thick 7 Brothers Sock yarn - makes my tootsies warm just looking and feeling it! a box of heavenly tea, four bars of chocolate - all of which have now been eaten.... a bag of tutti frutti sweets, two boxes of Lakerol and two very delightful mini steins from Aland.
The steins have pride of place on my shelves in the front Room! The chocolate was scrummy, I've not had the tutti frutti yet or the lakerol, but I've got my eye on them and don't think they will last long!
I don't have a pattern for the socks yet..... they shall have to be knitted up by the winter......
Thank You Carina!

Thursday, 4 June 2009

May Flowers Swap

My May Flowers parcel arrived this morning. A neatly packaged parcel from Lvrmous in Flordia, USA. Tearing off the brown paper revealed this........
Lifting the lid, I discovered a dolphin postcard and some pink wrapped gifts......

I quickly unwrapped those tantalising pink packages to reaveal - a beautiful crocheted flower shaped cloth - that is so lovely that I shall use it as a a doily/mat, two cloth patterns - a flower cloth and a Japanese Cherry Cloth, a pot of Green and Jasmine tea and a skein of AslanTrends PimoClasico. The official colour is 'Bison' but it's more like 'Chocolate eatmenow' colour!

A close up of my cloth from Lvrmous. I really like the colours! Thank You!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Fed Up

In a couple of recent posts, I've mentioned that I'm fed up and/or am need of cheering up. I thought I'd better mention why. Three weeks ago this Thurday, there was a fire at the place where I work. I attended the fire. I and five other members of staff, were taken to hospital by ambulance to be treated for the effects of smoke inhalation. I was on oxygen for two hours, had a nebuliser, bloods taken and and ECG. Since then I've had an inflammed trachea. Since then I've been off work with no pay.

This has effected by breathing and my speech. Luckily it hasn't effected my asthma. In reality it has knocked me about a bit and quite sapped my energy. I am on the mend, too slowly for my own liking. I want to get back to work, but still can't speak properly, have slight pain in my chest and shortness of breath on exertion.

Bit of a bugger to say the least really!

Oh and yes, the fire was set purposefully.

Random Act of Kindness

I was a recipient of a Random Act of Kindness today! My penpal friend Melissa sent me a beautiful gift.
I was sent a beautiful Butterfly card, along with this Melissa sent me three of her favourite tea bags - with quotes on, which I'm looking forward to reading - and three cloth patterns! All this was sent in a lovely decorated envelope.
It's really cheered me up - something that I need at the moment! I shall put the cloths on my 'to do' list and when I knit them up I shall be thinking of Melissa and her RAK!

An Evening Womble Around the Garden

A couple of evenings ago, I had a womble round the garden with my camera, playing with the different funtions. Mainly black and white, sepia and macro. Here's a few shots!

View from the bottom of the garden. Take away the parasol and it could be 'Guess the Decade?'!!

The rhubarb! This photo is especially for Paula and Melissa, just to show you how my rhubarb is coming along! The rhubarb at the back is the original one, and is on it's third 'grow' this season. I can't off the top of my head remember the variety of the other two, they are both different. I've a feeling one may be 'Pink Champagne', but then I could be completely wrong!

Lavender, transplanted from HobbitKeepers old garden.

Blue Iris, transplanted from HobbitKeepers old garden.

Clematis growing up the arch.

Strawberry, this is growing in guttering on the side of the potting shed - and yes it was purposefully planted there! Just goes to show how creatively space can be used!

The mid potatoes

Onions, not doing brilliantly, but I hold out hope for them!

JustAli's Weavers Wool Mini Shawl

Last week I recieved a beautiful gift from JustAli. It was unexpected and due to recent events, really cheered me up. JustAli had made me a Weavers Wool Mini Shawl, using Twilleys Freedom Spirit. It's very soft. I've worn it in the evenings whislt being sat outside and happily I can say it's really come into its own!
The weather has been scorching and the evenings warm. The sort of evenings when you need somethings round your shoulders but a cardi is a bit too much - a Mini Shawl is absolutely ideal!
The colourway is spot on for me. It is so comfy to wear as well! It's made me re-look at Freedom Spirit. I've used it before, once for a pair of fingerless mittens. I tended to see it as ideal yarn to felt with, which it is. It's also ideal for Mini Shawls!
Thank you so much to JustAli for being a star!!