Monday, 15 June 2009

The Scroll Lace Shawl and American Magazines

As well as sitting in the garden yesterday, HobbitKeeper picked up my latest copy of 'Yarn Forward' magazine from the newagent. I had a good look through, feeling too tired to knit. There was quite a few projects that caught my eye. One of them was the 'Scroll Shawl' by Ysolda Teague. I'd already sussed out that I had a yarn that I could do it in.

One of those yarns in my stash that I bought impulsively, that I just loved the colour way. It's one of the recommeded substitute yarns. Now my only concern is that..... I'm using the same weight of yarn, 100g, but the yardage is less than what is specified in the pattern. My dilemma is ....... will there be enough yarn in the same weight??!!

I've taken the plunge - or is it I took the risk and decided to crack on and hope for the best! So this morning, after getting my jobs done, okay, some of my jobs done, I got myself organised in the garden.... magazine, yarn, circular needles, crochet hook, glasses, note pad and ubiquitous cup o'tea!

The shawl starts with the edging - using a provisional cast on - hence the crochet hook! Happily I can say that I have now got the hang of this cast on method! So I was part way through doing the first set of pattern repeats when there was an almighty knocking on the door. A sort of knocking that only a Postie can do.....

Postie had got a package for me, from Tavish in Tonawanda, USA!

This is what was in the parcel! Four magazines - knit'n'style, mother earth news and two womens magazines. There are already knitting projects and baking that has caught my eye!
Tavish has also sent a bag of rather nice looking biscuits from Indy for Rhinog, a pretty chicken notebook, a card with a pie on that looks good enough to eat and a terra cotta 'Welcome to my garden' sign!
Thanks going out to Tavish! Another fab parcel from you! Thank you!


Roobeedoo said...

Ooh you had a good day then! I am just waiting for my copy of YF to arrive so I can knit that Scrolls shawl - it looks great!

CarpeDyem said...

Hello! It is nice and a simple but effecteive lace pattern! It might open the door to adapting the idea of a fancy lacy edging then some plain knitting for the body of it.......