Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Barker's Bridge

PC Bill Barker lost his life helping others on Northside Bridge in West Cumbria. There is a forum on FaceBook (Barker's Bridge) which is hoping to lobby, with PC Barkers family's consent, to have the Northside Bridge renamed Barker's Bridge. Please have a look and offer support, if only by joining the forum.

Cumbria Police Federation have opened a HSBC Bank Account - The Bill Barker Benevolent Fund - all funds go directly to his bereaved family. The account details are:
Sort Code 40 16 22 Account No 322560042

Cheques can be forwarded to
No 1, The Green
Carleton Ave
CA10 2BA

With Thanks!

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Button Buttons Buttons!!

A while ago I bought some Fimo to make buttons and other things. I put it on a shelf in my knitting room, and there, with all the best intention, it stayed.

A week or two ago, my friend Donna gave me some exquisite buttons that she had made. I was motivated!! So today has been my day off, and amongst doing other things (making carrot soup and a loaf of cheese and onion bread) I bought the Fimo down stairs and had my first foray into playing with Fimo!

This is the first lot I made, red and green, a bit Christmassy! Fimo is incredibly easy to use, although I think with a bit of practice and forward planning, it could be a good creative outlet for me! I have seen a picture of a Fimo Chicken on the Fimo box, must try that....... The second lot, inspired by Licorice

Had to include purple-y colours in there somewhere! I'm don't know yet where I will use them, but they will certainly make pretty gifts for like minded people!!

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Knit Camp - I'm In!

Come August I'm off to Knit Camp!!!! Accomodation is booked, just need to decide on which workshops.......

Monday, 9 November 2009

Das Mauer - 20 Jahre!

Das Mauer

9th November 1989

The Fall of The Berlin Wall

Ich bin ein Berliner!!

Friday, 6 November 2009

UFO's Out-Number FO's

Okay, so yet again I've not posted for a bit. Been a bit busy, you see! It's that four letter word, the necessary evil - work!!

However the needles have still been whirring, although at a slower pace lately as I've been too pooped to knit at every opportunity........

Finished objects include - no photos yet..... - a skull hat for HobbitKeeper, done in time for Halloween, a green and black scarf (my first foray with Katia yarns), a neck thingy, not quite a warmer, just a decorative thing, hhmm what else.... I know! The very first Peaches and Creme project!!

How could I forget that! It is a bath mat, I used double thickness of Winterberry with either mauve or williamsberg blue. It's a good size, it was probably the size that put me off completing it. However, I've put it in the bedroom for now as it just doesn't go with the other bath mats....... I am tempted to do some more, but am also considering crocheting. Reasons being that crochet is soooo much quicker, I should use less yarn, and using a single yarn it may be thicker than knitting. It's not on the top of my list at the moment......

Unfinished objects, always plenty..... another skull hat, must be finished today to give to a friend at work. Nereides wrap, stolen moments wrap (although I have done another 8 inches or so), batty is knitted but not sewn together, and the Ysolda Teague shawl is still in the bottom of the bag........ OH and another Katia scarf, this time in pink/purple and black and another neck thingy in pink. I think that's it. Well what I confess to that is in my knitting bag, I don't want to even contemplate what is in my knitting room!

I'm also trying to get back into letter writing, I forgot how much I like writing and recieving letters!