Thursday, 19 November 2009

Button Buttons Buttons!!

A while ago I bought some Fimo to make buttons and other things. I put it on a shelf in my knitting room, and there, with all the best intention, it stayed.

A week or two ago, my friend Donna gave me some exquisite buttons that she had made. I was motivated!! So today has been my day off, and amongst doing other things (making carrot soup and a loaf of cheese and onion bread) I bought the Fimo down stairs and had my first foray into playing with Fimo!

This is the first lot I made, red and green, a bit Christmassy! Fimo is incredibly easy to use, although I think with a bit of practice and forward planning, it could be a good creative outlet for me! I have seen a picture of a Fimo Chicken on the Fimo box, must try that....... The second lot, inspired by Licorice

Had to include purple-y colours in there somewhere! I'm don't know yet where I will use them, but they will certainly make pretty gifts for like minded people!!

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