Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Tavish's Ray of Sunshine!

Yesterday, after Knitting and before running off to work, I recieved Tavish's Ray of Sunshine, and shunshine it was! Tavish sent me three baby patterns, four sachets of tea, fried rice seasoning, a 'Grew-ems' credit card and a lovely card - raining cats and dogs! Indy sent Rhinog some of her biscuits - people crackers! Rhinog had a few wjen I came in from work so there is not as many in the picture!
I really enjoy getting things in the post. This swap is a good one as it doesn't hurt the purse and does as it says - sends sunshine!

Monday, 30 March 2009

Leaping forward into spring and getting the first planting of the season done!

Sunday was spent in the garden. It was a beautiful spring day and we did the first of the planting. Hobbitkeeper doing the First Earlies - potatoes to you and me! Me planting the courgettes in the Potting Shed. Although I knew what I was doing I was under strict supervision.........

How sweet is the first crop of the year??!! Me sampling the first cane of Rhubarb. This had been forced under a cloche and away from pecking chooks! The taste was like nothing on earth! The sweetness I've not tasted in rhubarb in a very long time. Without stating the obvious, I could taste the freshness of it, scrumptious! I had it dipped in sugar (how young did I feel eating it?!) a thing that shall always remind me of my Grandma x

Here is Sage. She is recouperating from frostbite in her comb. She is slowly getting better as we were very close to loosing her. Everyday she is getting a bit stronger, so fingers crossed she makes a full recovery!

Giving the chooks a head start on the worm hunt! Like I have any choice, digging without finding a chook on the end of your fork or spade is an impossibility! Here are The Three Muscka-chickens - Radar, Guess and Roast.

HobbitKeeper giving Guess a bit of fuss.

HobbitKeeper having a well earned break, sat on top of the chicken run!

Me preparing the tilth, ready to plant beetroot and lettuce

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Cloths, Korma's and Rhinog

I had my first Ray of Sunshine from Carina, aka KnittwittyCarina this morning. It is as wonderful as it looks! Two panels of cable with three panels of garter stitch, bordered by a few rows of garter stitch all the way round!! I'm very pleased with this! Carina also sent some 'Hello Kitty' stickers!

My pan rack, adorned with Carina's potholder and Paula's St Patricks Day potholders, and a couple of potholders from our first swap!

In case your wondering what I'm having for tea tonight - a mushroom and potato Korma, made from scratch, along with Rice and home made garlic and coriander Naan bread.

And this is my Rhinog, being a tart, smiling at me and wanting a tickle on his tum - which he got!

Sunday, 22 March 2009

The Early Bird Only Gets The Worm If He Digs Where The Chooks Can't Get Too (Yet!)

Now, this afternoon, we spent a few hours in the garden. It has been a bit of along standing thing that there is stiff competition between HobbitKeeper and the Chooks to see who get the worms first - it's nothing to do with the early bird!

HobbitKeeper thought it would be amusing to get to the worm first, by digging in an area that the chooks can't get to - or sussed out how to get to yet!

This is HobbitKeeper dangling a worm for Guess (with Radar in the background).

This is the action shot of Guess jumping for the worm! Yes she did get it!

This is me, knitting, surprisingly enough! I'm knitting a cloth for Tavish. The design is 'Waves on the Shore' by Maile Mauch, using Peaches & Creme.

Prior to this photo being taken, HobbitKeeper lifted the pot, which is forcing some rhubarb. Radar and Guess are sure they saw something green, pink and tasty, hence the search! They know it's round here somewhere!

Chickens love freshly dug soil probably more than cats do (although I'm sure come tomorrow morning there will be cats prints all over the beds along with the ubiquitus cat poop)! The Three Muskachickens will be there in a flash when the ground is being turned over. This is the only way HobbitKeeper can keep the girls off the fresh soil. As you can see, they don't take a blind bit of notice!
For the knitters amongst you, HobbitKeeper is wearing a Noro Cash Island Beanie Hat, from Noro Mini Designs.

In another week or so, the seeds will be being planted and the garden will slowly come back to life and become much greener. How many chooks can you see??!!

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Paddy's Day Swap

Yesterday Morning there was a rat-a-tat-tat at the door - postie with another parcel from my good friend Tavish! The theme was St Patricks Day. In the photo is a crocheted clover, two potholders, two coasters, 3 strings of beads, a ball of Vanna yarn, a packet of fudge mint biscuits (I've just eaten a third of the pack so I hope I can manage my dinner!) a lovely confection bag, a bar of Irish Spring Soap, a pack of peeps marshmallow chicks, a pair of clover socks and a St Patricks Day Card!
A lovely parcel that I'm really pleased with! The return parcel is gathered, just awaiting knitted items..... may be a bit late - sorry!

Swaps swaps swaps!

Whilst I've been offline, I've had some wonderful swap parcels sent to me. I've included some pictures here, there are still a few that need to be included!

This one is from JustAli, my 'Secret Sister'. JustAli took a bag pattern from my queue and sent some yarn, with the pattern for me to make the bag. She also sent some lavender hand cream and a nail file, which is kept never far away from me! The postcard is fab and is on the noticeboard in my knitting room.

This rather scrumptious collection of goodies, including a crocheted bag not only in my favourite colours but was especially designed for me by Annjellicle! I have used or eaten virtually everything! The sheep has pride of place on my mantlepiece in my room.
This is my Valentines parcel from Tavish! I had one or two of the Buffalo Wing Sauce pringles and HobbitKeeper polished them off with much glee, telling me how good they were! The goodies were eaten on the evening of Valentine's day. The pot holders are wonderful and really brightened up my kitchen.

This is me in the Valentines hat! The hat is very 'Me'!
A big Thank You! to Tavish, JustAli and Annjellicle for their gifts and the time and effort they put into it for me! Photos still to come are from BrewCrewMom - an amazing parcel......

Sunday, 8 March 2009

I'm Back in Cyber Space

After a sojourn in the real world, I'm back in Cyber Space.......;-)