Tuesday, 30 December 2008


I've had an interview this morning. Not the worst interview, not the best. I'll be damned surprised if they offer me the post.

I'm not surprised! LOL!

Saturday, 27 December 2008

Tavish's Parcels are Opened!

On Christmas Morning, I opened my parcels from Paula, aka Tavish. The parcels were like a Tardis, with so much coming out of them! (Sorry the pictures are a little blurred). The Crocheted items are wonderful, I like them so much!

This is all the rest of the gifts Tavish sent!! I was bowled over by the amount of things!! Even gifts for my furbabies!

This is Rhinog getting stuck into his hide Candy Cane. He didn't stop till there was nothing left, he was one happy dog!

Ted enjoyed his candy cane as well!

I want to add more to this post, but I'm feeling the effects of the car accident........

Monday, 15 December 2008

Love of Letters Stationery Swap

I recieved my Love of Letters Stationery Swap on Friday, from 'Kmessier27', aka Karin from Rhode Island, USA. I am chuffed to bits with the gifts she has sent me, she really is a good Swapper!

This is waht she sent me - 5 hand made notelets, a ball of purple hemp yarn, a ball of lilac Terra, a ball of pink Amaizing, Hand made soap, a garden themed two year diary, two pens, a notebook with pen, a pretty notions bag - within is hand made stitch markers, cable needles, stitch holders, point protecters, row counters and binder clips; and three cloth patters (one of which I've been trying to hunt down!).

The yarns I've never come across before, so on Sunday I was itching to cast on! I used the pink Amaizing - this is made from Corn Fibre - and the Hearts Pattern from the parcel. So this is my finished result! Fab!
Thank you for my gifts! I just hope who gets my parcel will like it half as much!

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Knitterati in the Snow

I went to the Monthly Knitterati yesterday. The roads were hazardous at best. Three quarters of the journey was driven at 15 miles an hour, due to ice and snow. The snow wasn't deep, but well covered the roads. Arriving at Great Gate, I was guided on the car park by Carol's husband. When I got out of the car, he said,"Flood, fire and volcanoes won't stop some of you coming here to knit!" I really couldn't argue with that! I bustled into the house declaring 'I need a Brandy!' I settled for tea instead!

The journey back was better, plus I was in a convoy of three vehicles.

On the way back, I stopped at a down hill junction. In front of me I could see fields and hedgerows covered with snow. The winter sunshine was bright and casting long shadows. On the radio, Ultravox's 'Vienna'. An absolutely beautiful moment. I was glad I had to stop at the junction, otherwise I'd have missed it.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

The Garden in December

Here's the garden this morning (albeit a little blurry!) There was a hard frost last night and a very light layer of snow. HobbitKeeper doesn't like the garden like this as he says it bare. But I think we can't have produce in the summer unless we have bare in winter. It is a great shame that the garden isn't bigger so we can grow veg in winter, so that we can have produce all year round. Never mind, we use to the optimum what we have!
This is the last of the leeks. We are considering not growing leeks next year, only considering.
The garden from the other angle!!! With Rhinog on the move and the girls in the background!

Not a brilliant shot of the Girls. They are doing very well and have been for a good few weeks now. They are getting quite friendly and curious. Guess will feed from your hand. In fact, when we go to feed them, she comes running straight over. I love it when she takes banana and lettuc from me! The others are quite curious when the see Guess feeding. What is now bold enough to come over and has started taking things from me as well. Radar is thinking about it and plucking up courage. Sage is interested but skittish. And Roast, well Roast lives on Planet Roast and appears oblivious!

Monday, 1 December 2008

Christmas has come early in Carpedyem's Home!

Christmas has arrived early in my home!

At the weekend I recieved gifts from Tavish, my friend in 'Friends That Swap' on Ravelry. In the parcel was three pot holders, crocheted in Christmas red, green and white. They are abolutely wonderful! I am going to put them on display in my kitchen and use them over Christmas. Tavish also sent me a CD with Chistmas songs on - perfect for Chrismas Morning whilst we are prepariong Dinnner. The long socks aren't going to be kept till Christmas - I shall be wearing them before that! They will look good under my denim skirt.

Tavish said the aim of the parcel was to kick start my Chrsitmas and she has definitely done that! Thank you so much for your gifts, your thoughtfulness and your kindness! Oh and your friendship!!

As part of my chrimb pressie, Hobbit Keeper got me a top of the range breadmaker. The last breadmaker well, what can I say, died but didn't go to breadmaker heaven as I still tried using it, in vain hope...... It's at rest now.

My new Breadmaker was to be put away till Christmas, but the next day, (and no I wasn't sulking completely all of that time.....only some of it!) HobbitKeeper said I could have it as he knew I could make good use of it!

My first loaf turned out rather disasterously, but this is my second loaf - taaaa-daaa!

Yes I am over the moon with it! It tastes wonderful, it's so light and airy and way better than one you could get in a shop. It's a crusty white. I'm planning to do another one this afternoon! Thank you HobbitKeeper!

PS - Why a breadmaker and not properly make my own bread you ask? I have problems kneading bread, in so far as it triggers off my arthritus in my hands.........