Friday, 26 March 2010

Lush Shawl

I finished the Lush Shawl yesterday. I am really chuffed with the end result. It's quite heavy - 1200g, but will keep me toasty to say the least. It's incredibly touchy-feely. I used Sirdar Wow! from my stash. I bought it nearly 3 years ago, in Hobbycraft. It was in the sale for £1.49, an offer I couldn't refuse!It crochets up in absoultey no time at all! I started it last Friday, had another go with it on Tuesday then did the last two and a half balls yesterday. I used a 15mm hook.

The photos were taken at Yarn Gathering, Stone. Big Thanks to Jeanette! Also big thanks to Carol for the inspiration and Hooks Up to Linda, Joan and Rachel (and Carol!) for their company and encouragement whilst making it!
I did wonder on the name of the Shawl. 'Lush' came to mind quite quickly as it ticks all the lush boxes. After that I thought - Love U Shawl - Lush!! So the name was named!!
I'm itching to start another one. Before I finished Lush, I thought to do another Stash Busting one - or even make a start with the extreme needles (proper stash busting!). But my wandering eye was drawn to some delicious purpley black Katia Surprise. I'm hoping to cast on (do you say cast on when starting crochet?!) some time today.
I'm planning to try and do it a little different. Instead of being half a granny square to do 3/4's of a square so the back would be straight rather than pointy. Something tells me I've not totally had all the thoughts on this that I should have........

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paula said...

I have an Easter Basket waiting for you at my blog. This way, the chooks won'thave to go running and hiding their eggs from you . . you can eat the ones I have waiting. You can pick it up anytime.