Tuesday, 9 March 2010

18 Weeks and I can't say a word!

18 weeks and all is well with Little Spud. We have chosen names (to be disclosed later!) just one girls name, one boys name. I've started to feel LS moving, flutterings or quickenings. Amazing! I was quite stunned the first few times. I tried to explain to HobbitKeeper the weird sensations that I was feeling. I can't wait for him to feel Baby kick and wriggle!

Sickness is starting to abate. I can't drive without munching on Trebor Extra Strong Mints! They really settle my tum down.

I am starting to feel a bit better in myself, but, and this is a big but......a week last Saturday, I came home from work with a bit of a sore throat, didn't think anymore of it, just put it down to one of those things. However, it didn't go away with me not thinking about it. By end of play Tuesday, I was down to a hoarse whisper, my voice had gone. Wednesday I'd already taken as Annual Leave so I could go to Knitterati. Wednesday was spent in bed. Thursday and Friday I struggled into work, barely able to whisper and feeling like the proverbial bag of spanners. Saturday and Sunday saw me doing not a lot, apart from go down hill further.

Monday was a day off. I spent 25 minutes constantly trying to get through to the GP surgery, and managed to get an emergency appointment at 5.50 that evening. My throat feels awful. Swallowing is very painful, with lots of thick 'crud' knocking about (the less said about that the better!) Even when drinking I have a slight reflux. So now, I'm on day 2 of anti-biotics, and trying to believe that things are getting better. The anti-biotic is the most safest for Baby. I did have a choice whether to start the anti-biotic, my rationale was that I had been badly for over a week and things were still getting worse.

So lots of rest for me and LS. Attempting to talk is a no-no. Must keep LS safe as possible. Infected Laryngitis, anyone want it? I've got plenty to go around!!


Unknown said...

Hi Ceri

Hope you will be feeling better soon - its not nice being ill, specially with your throat! Glad all is ok with the three of you! Look forward to seeing you soon
Happy Knitting!!

Julie H

CarpeDyem said...

Think I'm starting to be on the mend now, but still lacking in the vocal dept!

Happily Knitting!

Roobeedoo said...

OMG OMG - you are having a baby! Congratulations!!! I was reading from the Christmas blankie post downwards, wondering who Little Spud was - and now I know! I don't know, stop reading a blog for a little while and look what happens! Good luck me dear!

CarpeDyem said...

Thank you! I'm getting a bit of a tum now as well, although HobbitKeeper says he can't see any difference! I pointed out that my tum sticks out more than my boobs and he conceded that I might be slightly bigger than normal!!!!