Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Yarn Gathering

Yarn Gathering - my friend Jeanette's Yarn Shop - has opened today! I have spent afew hours up there today. Chattting, knitting, browsing patterns. I bought some Artists Palette in a lovely shades of green, to make a particular scarf - I'm not sure of the spelling ?Backtus?. I also got some Katia Astrokan to do 3 projects for Little Spud - a Christmas Blanket, a lamb and a waistcoat.

Yesterday I bought two Debbie Bliss Baby books and some Sirdar Tiny Tots yarn to make a hoodie waistcoat, that was cast on last night!

The Loopy Bag is nearly finished - just need to sew it up and attach the handles - should be completed in half an hour, easy...........

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