Saturday, 14 January 2012

Avril's January Project Day

I was wanting to catch up with you tonight.  HK was on the laptop all last evening, so I sat, knitted and watched TV.  He usually goes up to bed early, reads and listens to the radio.  But last night he wanted to surf the t'internet.

So a brief catch up.

I enjoyed Avril Project Day on Thursday.  I actually learned new stuff.  And this new stuff was in preparation for the Big Project Day in two weeks.  Then we are going to learn Modular Knitting.  Exciting.  On Thursday I learned a new, and seeming good way to pick up stitches.  I was tasked with making a cube.  Initially by knitting a square (and casting off) then picking up stitches on all four edges, an edge at a time to form the shape of a cube.  It was also put to us, as a group, what we wanted out of the classes.  We agreed a big project and some smaller ones.  We are making a shawl, a big-ish one I think, with lots of different stitches and perhaps techniques for us to learn.  Can't wait!  Av showed us a book that I now have on my Amazon wish list - Victorian Shawls by Jane Sowerby.  I'll try and sort a link later.  Av also gave us a pattern for a stuffed heart.  She's given the pattern to the group before, before my day.  She wanted us to practice colour changes with that.  I've not started on it yet.  I wanted to do a smaller heart on it, so I need to do a bit of maths and a bit of jiggery pokery.

D showed us a book that she had got for Christmas, that she is thrilled with - Debbie Bliss, A Knitters Year.  I can see why she is happy with it.  I looked that up on Amazon as well.  HK was stood over my shoulder, as I waffled on about the book.  He clicked the 'Buy' button for me.  Swoon.  A real unexpected treat.

I'd like to stay the afternoons at the Thursday Project days and hone my crochet skills, but time away from Mary-Jane and money prohibit this at the moment.

In Brief Now- Fuller Later:
I also need to tell you about the Olympic Cushions - have a look at Woolsack for more info.  I also need to take pictures and tell you of the yarn I'm using - scrumptious.

Mary-Jane and I spent some time in the garden as well today - photos on their way.

Ocular Migraine - took all of the next day to properly clear.  I had what I call a Residual Migraine - an usual head ache for me, like a really nasty migraine waiting in the wings to be triggered off.

Meeting a Sugarcraft Friend in Workington, for a coffee

I have arranged to take D up on her offer and have arranged to go to hers  next week.

My first meeting as WI Secretary

Now I shall go to bed, it's getting late and HK will (rightfully) nag me about going to bed late.

PS - I'm still slogging away with Sereknitty.  I miss counted previously how many rows I had to go.  The running total is now 78 rows.

PPS - Did I say that I have found a Mother and Toddler Group for Mary-Jane?  And a music group?

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