Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Attempting Sugarcraft Roses

At sugarcraft tonight, my mojo wasn't quite mojo-ing.  I couldn't quite get the technique right, I was nearly getting there by then end.  From the centre cores that we did last week, we had to put two petals on each one, most will have more petals added once the first two are dry.  I think I know where I was going wrong.  Plus more practice is needed!  I really can't expect to get everything right first time of trying it!  This is my bigger rose, for the bouquet.  I want to try and finish all the big roses for next week.  There is no big rush, but I don't want to fall behind.  This is the last one I did, then down tools whilst the going was improving!

 In the background are the centre cores, I'm sure they will have a posher name.
Ariel view of the smaller roses.
 And sideways.  They don't look overly inspiring at the moment, I'll give them chance, I've had a very busy day today!

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