Thursday, 26 January 2012

All Hail Elizabeth Zimmerman!

My Elizabeth Zimmerman books arrived today.  I am converted.  I had a quick flick through Knitting without tears and a better look at the Almanac.  I love her wit and humour, I quite 'get' it and understand where she is coming from.  The anticipated mist of 'what is she on about?' has not descended.  I am itching to read properly and cast on.  The July Shawls have caught my eye.  No surpirse there!  I read a few paged on the Theory of Pi when making shawls.  I understand this.  I can see massive potential in making or designing shawls applying this theory.  There may be a few gaps in the designing of lace for me at the moment.  But what a challenge.  And it isn't insurmountable.  I'll let it rumble around my head for a while, till the time is right.

I have carried on with the TSJ, the rows are getting pleasantly shorter.  I have a feeling that this will be how short the rows actually get.  That doesn't daunt me.  I am excited in seeing the construction of the garment and how the change, in gauge or required size, effects it.  I have all these wonderful ideas of what I want to make, and nowhere near the time to knit (and ocassionally crochet) them.  Let alone think about designing things.  It will happen though!

I was going to leave you with an EZ quote (and there will be plenty of them coming!).  I picked up the Almanac, opened the pages where I had been reading, and I want to quote many lines.  I shall give you just a short one to begin with:  'Knit on with confidence and hope, through all crisis'.

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