Thursday, 19 January 2012

Little Knitting And Lot's Of Nattering

I went to Fobbles' Sit and Stitch this morning.  I didn't get much done, lots of talking though!    I had packed my knitting bag last night before I went to bed.  I took Sereknitty and the olympic cushion.  I wanted to make some progress on the latter.  It was only when I had got there, sat down with a cuppa in front of me when it dawned on me that I had left my trusty notepad at the house, so I wasn't sure where I was in regard to the increases on Sereknitty.  The yarn is so that it is difficult to tell when looking at it.  With the cushion I was about ready to transfer from DPN's to circulars.  I had forgotten my circulars. Hhmph.  I thought I'd continue with Sereknitty as I could do a good guess as to where I was.

This evening I have continued with the cushion.  I feel that I should be further ahead than what I am.  My brain-clock doesn't always allow for frogging and such things.  I feel that I should be about finished it.  Daft really.  Now I'm not far off ready to transfer on to a larger cable.  Stitchcount - wise, I'm about halfway there.  We all know in reality, that the rows are getting longer, hence will take longer to do.  I'm enjoying it though, despite wanting to get it completed.

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