Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Sense and Fashion Handwarmers

I have finished my Sense and Fashion Handwarmers.  Apart sewing in the ends and blocking, which is needed to stop the finger edges rolling back.  They are a snug fit.  Enjoyable to knit too.  The pattern is from 'Jane Austen Knits' from Interweave.com.  It is designed by Hannah Poon.  I used the recommended yarn, for a change - just because I dropped lucky and have some in  my stash.  It took under one ball to do.  I now want to do a shawl to match.  I know I have at least two other balls which I have in the house, I need to look for some more.  I am sure I have some in a green colour, or was it pink?  I got a few balls with no particular project in mind as it was being sold off cheaply, I liked the colour and the feel of the yarn.
I took the photos myself, so they aren't in the best of focus.  As usual I was in a rush to get the images and show off.  It was just my luck that when I came to blog them last night, it was way too late to do so!
I higly recommend the pattern, and the magazine as a matter of fact.  There are quite a few projects in there that I want to do.  Even some jumpers - unusual for me!

I have cast on a shawl, in a multi coloured boucle style yarn.  I got it from Aldi a couple of months ago.  The pattern is on the ballband.  I've only done about ten rows, so no images as yet.  I was going to start another JA project, a lacy shawl, but will wait until I am not so tired of an evening to start.  Hopefully that shouldn't be too long, as things are calming down on the home front.

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