Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Frogging Cushions And A New Playgroup

Last night, just before going up to bed, I decided in my infinite wisdom to measure my olympic cushion.  It measured nearly 18", it's supposed to be 16".  Too big for jiggery pokery.  It has to be frogged.  Decision made.  I then sat and worked out stitches and rows to what size I wanted.  Maths seemed to be flowing.  I was then faced with the calculation, that when I ran out of stitches, it wouldn't be a square at the end.  I ummed and ahhed and thought that this wouldn't quite look how I wanted it to look.

I decided to do the square from the centre outwards, starting on DPN's.  Thus, I could knit to the correct size.  In theory.  I also am starting to have nagging doubts to the validity of this.

Then on the way back from Sugarcraft, I started to have a bit of joined up thinking.  If I could do a square from the inside, why oh why could I not just do a reverse mitred square, starting with the smallest amount of stitches and increasing instead of decreasing?  Simples.  And it took me how long to think of this?!

My day has gone something along these lines:

Get Mary-Jane up, bathed, dressed, fed and watered and out the house by 9.30 to get to the new play group.  Achieved.  We went to the playgroup.  I was very proud of Mary-Jane.  She was a little wary of the other children at first, but mingled and played.  She doesn't seem to like alot of noise either, but adapts much better than me.  There were 14 children altogether.  Enough to start to upset my karma.  We were made to feel very welcome.

We got home for about a quarter to 12.  I hastily put Mary-Jane's dinner on.  We, including HK, were out of the house for around one, to go and see the Health Visitor.  Mary-Jane's skin tends to be a little dry, despite daily creams.  She scratches on her back, to the point where she breaks the skin and makes it sore.  It must be terrible for her.  She also has had a nappy rash for about 6 weeks.  This normally clears up within a few days, but this time it hasn't.  It turns out she has a bit of a fungal infection in it, so clotrimazole and diprobase ointment for that.  For her back and the rest of the affected areas - eumavate and diprobase.  I know this combination works for her.  When I put the cream on her back this evening, she didn't even try to scratch it, the first time in a long time. 

I find it very frustrating when she scratches so hard.  She won't respond when I tell her 'no', even with a loud voice.  She has leart to say 'no' and pout at the same time. Comical.  However, when I do say no to her, she says 'sore'.  She learns so well.  All being well, improvements in skin condition will be seen in the next 24-48 hours.

Subsequently, MJ was very tired after her busy day, and was taken to bed early.  When I was putting her on her bed, her eyes were closing.  She's had a good night so far.

Then it was me diving out the door for sugarcraft, minus full working mojo.  Not surprising really!  And now gentle people, I'm off to bed as well! Good Night!

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