Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Spring Term Sugarcraft

The new Spring Term for my Sugarcraft started this evening.  We are making daffodils, snowdrops, pussy willow and irises.  Along side this we are also making a pastillage card with roses.  All very exciting.  The group was in bouyant mood and there was much chat and banter, the time flew by.  I am meeting the lady who sits next to me on Friday, so we can go for a coffee.  Another thing to look forward to!

Tonight we made the buds/inners for the roses and I think another flower, but I really can't remember - what am I like??? - and the buds for the pussy willow.  I've not actually done the pussy willow yet - they will go on the white wire.  Ah, I remember - the smaller buds are for the snow drops.  For next week, I need to decide what colour roses I want to do.  I don't think it will be anything flambouyant.  My first thought was to do them blood red, ready for Valentines Day.

There is also a cake decorating workshop at the beginning of March.  I'd like to do that.  It's not yet been decided what style we shall be doing - Mothers day, Easter or Christening.  It will be with a sponge rather than fruit cake.

I'll try and post after each class and show you the progress. 

I have found a Mother and Toddler Group in Gosforth - on a Tuesday Morning, so I shall take Mary-Jane next week.  I have also been told of a Music Group that is held twice a month, at the same venue.  We shall go to that as well.  The next one is on the 20th January.

My head is busy with WI and Knitting Stuff.  Today has been a busy 'head day'.  I also made online acquaintences with a lady who lives a few miles away, who sounds very much like me when it comes to all things Knitty.........  Until tomorrow, Adieu!

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