Monday, 2 January 2012

A Very Brief Walk At Drigg Beach

We went for a run out yesterday, mainly to get out of the house and to try and burn some of Mary-Jane's energy.  We initially headed to Gosforth to see if the play area was grassed or not.  As it has been raining lots, a grassy area isn't best to play on at the mo.  It is grassed.  We drove on to Drigg.  I have been recommended the beach and the sand dunes and a good, but breezy place to walk.

Drigg has some history, and is connected with the Nuclear industry.  I will find out more and let you know.

Drigg Beach is somewhere I want to go back to and get onto the beach properly.  We didn't go onto the beach as the path to it was rather muddy and we didn't have the right shoes on.  However, Mary-Jane absolutely loved walking, nearly running up and down the path, with Mickey Mouse in hand!

Mary-Jane, closely watched over by Daddy HK

The path down to the beach and the sea beyond.  So close yet so far!

Mary-Jane mid stride, running to me

Mary-Jane, again enjoying freedom

One of the up-sides to the drive was that within minutes of leaving Drigg, Mary-Jane was fast asleep.  She was still asleep when we arrived back at the house, so we decided to drive on and let Mary-Jane have the nap that she so needed.  We drove all the way to Whitehaven, back out through the far side of Mirehouse, along the main road then detoured through Beckermet.  She awoke a few minutes before we arrived back at the house, looking so much better for her nap.  She had been asleep nearly 40 minutes. 

I am taking her back to Drigg Beach at some point soon, to see if the air knocks her out again.  If it does, it shall be duly noted as a place that helps her sleep!  Last night she slept the best she has done in over a week.  Tonight she is sleeping one of her normal sleeps, thankfully.

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