Sunday, 29 January 2012

A Cold, A Quiche And A Questionable Afternoon Out

Mary-Jane has quite a chesty cold.  She actually entertained the idea of an afternoon nap.  She went down quietly but after about 40 minutes awoke, and cried and cried.  I think she was enjoying her sleep and woke up too soon.  When I put her to bed this evening, she did not make a peek, and I have only heard one or two murmers since.  She hasn't even woke up for her 7 o'clock cuddles.  In truth, I have missed the cuddles.  I hope she has a good nights rest.  HK's back is still bothering him, he says it's very stiff.  I can see my plans of going out and meeting knitty friends tomorrow afternoon for a couple of hours being postponed.

Despite all this, I have managed to spend some time in the kitchen.  This morning I made a Bread Pudding with Hot Cross Buns, with a few extra currants, cinnamon and allspice.  Very tasty.  I bet it will be all gone by this time tomorrow.  Bread Pudding does not last long in this house at all! It's not far off half gone now and it's a big piece.  I made it in the largest enamel tin I have.  I used 2 dozen Hot Cross Buns.  This afternoon I bobbed in and out of the kitchen and made a stilton and mushroom quiche, which we had for tea.  Again, tasty!  And that is tomorrows tea nearly all taken care of, even better!  I can feel some cake baking coming on.  I haven't done any since before Christmas, as I wanted to finish off the Christmas Cake and other goodies.  The cake is nearly all gone, the goodies are not, despite valiant attempts some evenings!

I am now on the next step of the TSJ.  I am cruising towards the centre front.  There are stitches to be picked up looking ahead.

If I do get out tomorrow (I'm not holding my breath) I shall take my camera.  The final part of my instructions of getting to M's house is that if I get as far as Nether Wasdale then I have gone too far.  A little excitement.  Driving an unknown but no doubt beautiful road, having to go slow and watch for where I am going.  If not tomorrow, then another day.  I wish diesel wasn't so blooming expensive (£1.40 a litre, if not more), then I could go exploring this land more.  At this point I could very easily go off moaning, but I won't.  I don't want to pull myself down by spelling out to myself the not so pleasant side of life.  For that will blinker me to the positive things.

I'm going to have a go at 'Monday Musings' tomorrow, more then!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! To Ann-in-America x  See you soon!


paula said...

I have back read your posts and can't find what the TSJ is. I know the BSJ is the Baby Suprise Jacket, but TSJ . .Toddler SUprise maybe?

CarpeDyem said...

Hello Paula - you are very right! TSJ is the Toddler Surprise Jacket - it's coming on a treat as well x