Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Natural Colours - Sunset And Sheep

This evening we were given a lovely sunset.  I wasn't sure if my camera would pick it all up.  I was going to take the big camera, but much time has elapsed since I used it and time was a little agianst me.  Whilst Mary-Jane was having her tea with HK, I slipped outside.  It is such things as this, that I use to help pull me round and try to forget about things that could bring me down. 

Kinda beautiful, isn't it?  The photo's are taken from the back of the house.

I have re-cast on my olympic cushion.  I have decided to start from the middle of the cushion, doing a stripey square, using DPN's then going on to circulars when the time is right.  The colours of the yarn are still very pleasing to me.  They are all natural colours.  How well Mother Nature matches the colours of the fleeces of different breeds of British Sheep!  Photo tomorrow.

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