Monday, 30 January 2012

Monday Musings

Monday Musings - for the first time here...... I shall try and link up with others for this.... here goes

Right Now - I am tired and ready for bed.  I have watched two hours of TV - Whitechapel and Birdsong - and continued with my Toddler Surprise Jacket TSJ

This Weekend - Mary-Jane has been full of cold, worse Sunday than Saturday.  I went food shopping Saturday, into Whitehaven.  In the evening I have been in my usual routine of a couple hours of TV and knitting.  On Sunday I made a Bread Pudding and a Stilton and Mushroom Quiche

Some Plans For The Week - Skipping Playgroup, till MJ gets over her cold.  Sugarcraft class Tuesday evening; visiting new knitting friend DP on Thursday afternoon

If I find some time for myself I'd like to - try and finish the TSJ, do a gauge for a Surprise Jacket for myself; re-arrange the shelves in my corner of the room and make the corner more Mary-Jane proof

I am grateful for - HK and MJ

Some Thoughtful Intentions for the week - for my Cousin E who lost her Mother just over a week ago

Something that makes me smile - Mary-Jane, all the new words she is coming out with and how she applies them.  'Bot bot' and 'Bum' were some of her new favourite words today.

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