Saturday, 28 January 2012

Acquired - Old Toyota Knitting Machine

I was lucky enough to procure an old Toyota Knitting Machine, with Lace carriage, from a lady on Freecycle.  I collected it this morning, luckily again, from only about two miles away!  The lady couldn't lay her hands on the instructions or the punchcards, but assured me that when she finds them, she will be in touch.  So many memories came flooding back when she was talking me through the workings of it.  I had my first machine, a Knitmaster 700 (or was it 800?) as an 18th Birthday Present from Dad.  I used it for a good few years.  Then sporadically, then not at all, then the machine and I parted company when I was having a serious and ruthless de-clutter.  I did have regrets at parting with it, but at that time I had to be very ruthless.  When I was 18 I was doing my BTEC OND in Fashion at Chesterfield College of Technology & Arts.  I made tentative steps, with support, of setting up my own knitwear business.  I was 19, and I guess didn't have the drive or determination to enter into business.  Somewhere, locked up in my head, is the knowledge and competancy to get to grips with a knitting machine again.  On the other hand, unused knowledge keeps no better than dead fish.  I love that saying.  I will have a search on t'internet for instructions and take time to refresh my memory.

The TSJ continues.  I am nine rows off the next stage of the shaping.  I'll not get that done tonight.  The increase shaping is not clearly seen below, but is happening where the markers are.  The decreasing is on the back of the sleeves, giving it it's particular shaping.  The only difference between this and the BSJ so far is - on the BSJ there is extra increasing near the end of the sleeves, about eight rows in or there abouts.  I'm still eager with this project.

HK slipped and fell in the garden yesterday.  He twisted as he fell and his back landed on a big stone.  He has been very stiff today and says the pain is going down his bum cheeks and legs.  When his back problems happen in this area of him, it can take a few weeks to start to right itself.  Fingers crossed it won't.  He didn't even want to come food shopping with Mary-Jane and I this afternoon as he thought that it would be too uncomfortable for him to walk that far.  I hope he is on the mend come morning.

I have started reading 'Knitting Without Tears' and am enjoying it.  The woman - EZ - talks sense, and common sense at that!

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