Thursday, 5 January 2012

Quieter House

The House is quieter now.  We are now down to myself, HK and Mary-Jane, M & D, one dog, four cats.  Once the house was quieter, my ears and head were ringing, with what I can only describe as a kind of White Noise.  I am appreciating the quiet.  Mary-Jane went to bed at her normal time.  She has only cried out once in her sleep since then.  Bliss.

This evening I have watched TV and cracked on with my Sereknitty cape.  I'm liking the colours alot. I'm on row 42 and I can tell the rows are getting longer.  I have started the cape at the neck edge.  I do have another ball of this yarn.  If I don't get too p**d off with it, I'll re-write the pattern starting with the lower edge, so the rows get shorter.  Or even see what other yarn I could use, or even add a few different stitches.

This afternoon I went to LA's house for a coffee with her and M.  It was most enjoyable.  I stayed for two hours, I wanted to get back for Mary-Jane.  I was starting to relax more, but it was time to go.  we chatted and I got to know them more, and I suppose they got to know me a bit more!  LA had made some tasty scones and bramble jam.  M has invited me over to hers as well.  I said that come the summer or warmer weather when we can sit outside, they should come to me.

We had a bit of a 'Show & Tell'.  I showed off my new Sense and Fashion Handwarmers, with much praise.  M had crocheted a baby blanket in squares, using a Garn Studio yarn.  It was beautiful and the colour ways were rather lovely.  No baby pinks, blues or whites in sight!  LA had made a scarf/cowl in a floaty lavender coloured mohair type yarn, this was for a friend.  We didn't actually get to the point of doing any actual knitting or crochet.  A lot of conversation was of yarns, patterns and all manner of knitty things, a bit about previous employment, and how forgetful we are now compared to years ago.

Monday is the first Woodlands Knitty Group of the New Year.  It's the usual knitting group, not a new one, as such.  I think next week will be busy.  It's WI week as well.  It will be my first time going to the Committee Meeting.  I'm not sure when I formally take over as Secretary, perhaps then.  Things are not always told to me, I'm getting well used to that.  Next week also sees the first Knitting Project Day of 2012, down at Fobbles.  Definitely a busy week.  And most importantly I want to find a Mother and Toddler Group that Mary-Jane and I can go to.  I have found one, just need to make sure it's still running, and when etc.

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