Sunday, 15 January 2012

The Pink Caped Super-Girl!

Mary-Jane has had fun today.  Apart from not wanting an afternoon nap, then getting so tired come late afternoon that she was getting frustrated with herself.  She loves to have a wander around the house.  She is liking finding place to sit that are just her height.  The bottom stair is top of her list.  She also likes sitting in the white wicker chair that M got especially for her.  This chair is situated in D's room, so she likes spending an increasing amount of time in there too.

Here is Mary-Jane enjoying the bottom stair

 MJ likes it when she can get hold of any of my clothing or shoes and plays with them.  She had hold of my pink cardi.  She started putting it around her neck, which is her way of putting it on.  I tried to put it on her, but only got as far as putting the hood on her head before she wriggled and was off and away.  The game had begun!  I like this picture, she looks so solemn and so Lady Di! 
 Here she is having a roam around the kitchen in her pink super-girl cape!
 And back to the bottom stair for more smiles!  The skirt that she is wearing was made by my Ravelry friend, Lizavietta.  I love it.
 What can I say about this picture, that the picture doesn't say itself?  I love my little girl x


paula said...

Her smile just lights up her face. She is such a happy little pink caped wonder.

CarpeDyem said...

I have and will always maintain that she was born a happy child x