Friday, 30 March 2012

Prize Bingo at Wath Brow

I have been playing Prize Bingo at Wath Brow this evening.  I came close twice to calling House - I was waiting for one number, but my luck was not in.  I leant someone a pen and they won three maybe four prizes!!  It is going to be held monthly, so I may well go again next month.

I've not done any knitting this evening since I've been back.  My Mirasol arrived today and I haven't even opened that yet.  If there is enough yarn, I want to make a lined bag.  I have seen a picture of one that a friend made.  She made it out of granny squares, in about four or five shades of green.  It looked gorgeous and has quite inspired me.  Oh I couldn't resist any longer, I have opened the bag of yarn.  Very lovely, Mirasol Hap'i.  Two greens, two blues and a reddish brown.  They look well together.

I think I must be ready for bed, my mind is going quite blank, so I shall bid you good night.  I have a busy day tomorrow - off to Carlisle for the WI Spring Council Meeting, I shall officially be a delegate, although I'm not entirely sure what this involves!

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