Thursday, 22 March 2012

Herman German Friendship Cake

We have been blessed with beautiful warm sunshine today.  I have been able to be outside and walk about without even wearing a coat - and is in short sleeves!  It was so lovely to be warmed by the sun.  Being Cynical, this is probably are upside down summer.

I have had some 'me' time today out of the house.  I called in at Fobbles for just over an hour to see D.  I then went to M's to see her and LA.  I was treated to a slice of gorgeous Lemon Meringue Pie that M had made.  We had a good chat, supported each other and tried to put worlds to rights.  LA has passed on to myself and M a Herman German Friendship Cake.  It is one where you have a live batter, ie one with yeast, a sourbread type thing, you keep it and feed it then on the tenth day, you divide it into four and give three parts away to friends for them to do the same.  Coincidentally Mum was given one today as well.  It is part of the same scheme as she has exactly the same instructions as me.  I think it wuld be interesting if you could track all the people that get involved.  I have mine sat in a bowl, covered with a tea towel, sat for the moment on top of the cooker.

I am on row 17 of the Winter Apple Shawl.  I may complete row 18 before bed. 

Tomorrow I have the food hygiene cert.  Even HK says it will be a tedious day for me.  I usually get these certs done in about two hours and that is stretching it.  A whole day seems a nightmare.  It needs to be done, so I shall try to curb my moaning.


paula said...

One of my students gave me a start to her "friendship cake" . It is similar to what you received, I'm sure.

My FAVORITE way to make it was with either fruit or chocolate chips . . the fruit version was always so moist and the chocolate chip version was so decadent.

CarpeDyem said...

I'm quite intrigued as to how it will turn out and if I can keep it going till then! There are a couple of options of what to include when you bake the cake, but I like the sound of the original with cinnamon and apples and raisins - watch this space!