Tuesday, 6 March 2012

A New Course

I have started a short course in catering today.  I was told that as I had no formal catering qualifacations or experience in a professional kitchen, I would have to start at the bottom.  The bottom is only one small step away from Independant Living Skills level.  The course is over seven weeks.  There are three half days on a Monday and seven full days on a Tuesday.  Alternate Tuesday mornings will be demonstrations and the other Tuesdays will be being assessed preparing the dish that was demonstrated.  The Mondays will be taken as 'Employability' - such as how to be interviewed, looking at websites for jobs etc.

At the end of the couse I will have three units towards Level 1 NVQ in Hospitality.  This morning I was taught how to chop and onion, courgette, aubergine and garlic in order to make a ratatouille.  Along with this I learned how to bake a cod fillet with a mayonaise and mustart dressing, coated in breadcrumbs with herbs.  I am going to be taught how to use a microwave and a deep fat fryer.  Along side this I will be taught how to cook veg that is already prepared, how to cook frozen veg and to grill fish.  I kid you not.  This afternoon we spent an hour and a half learning about personal and professional hygiene and have the uniform of a chef explained to us.  I have to do this course before I can even entertain the thought of going on any other catering course.  It more than takes the pee.  And I've got seven weeks of this.  Think of me and wish me luck - and a big dose of patience.

This evening I went to Sugarcraft.  On the way there I thought I was going to vomit, not pleasant I know.  I very nearly pulled over, better to do such things when stationery in a car than driving along a bypass.  I came very close to doing the deed, luckily I didn't.  I decided that doing the sugarcraft was beyond a daft idea.  I did continue on and lave the books that I had been leant.  I also explained to one or two that i was feeling unwell.  I even stopped at Bigrigg spa for some extra strong mints.  They seemed to help.  I came home, had a cuppa, put my feet up and did a bit of knitting.  So far my tum has setteld down a bit, and I haven't felt quite as bad.

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paula said...

Are they oging to tech you how to breathe too?


Even I think I could do these things and I am so non-skilled in the kitchen :0}