Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Monday Musings On Tuesday

Right Now: Am thinking What have I forgotten to do?  I'm sure there was something I wanted to do on the laptop tonight.  After thinking about it, it might be send a couple of emails and blog about going to Gosforth Church and Irton Church to have a look at their history.  Photos with this one.

This Weekend:  The weekend Seems a long time away.  Perhaps because it has just dawned on me that it is Tuesday today.  I have had a lot to deal with in the last week or two and it has pickled my head somewhat. 

Some Plans For The Week - It would be nice if the world slowed down a bit and that the powers that be no longer conspire to take the rug from under my feet.  It is Craft & Natter's second meeting on Thursday.  I am hoping to do some baking tomorrow for it.

If I Find Some Time For Myself - Therapeutic knitting and baking, some things don't change, just the degree of need to do them

I Am Grateful For:  Living in a beautiful part of the country.  For my Auntie Ann.  For HK & MJ, as ever.

Some Thoughtful Intentions For The Week:  For my dear Friend Carol Riley.  This will be a regular Thoughtful Intention for the foreseeable

Something That Makes Me Smile: Sharing a secret giggle with HK

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