Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Bowties, A Cold & A Puppy

I have finished Auntie Ann-In-America's bowtie neck warmer.  She is currently visiting my sister, so you can have first look at it!  I have previously made one for me in green.  And they do keep your neck warm!  I have not to decide what to do next.  I want to cast on a shawl, an EZ Surprise Jacket for me, a secret swap project.  I did decide last night what to do for the swap, then this evening, I come online and am confronted by a new pattern that is giving the chosen pattern a run for it's money.  Ho hum, that's the way the cookie crumbles.  It is Fobbles Knit & Natter tomorrow.  I need to sort my bag out, and take at least two projects, incase I want a break from one.  A Handy time to cast on and to do some more rows on Sereknitty, which I've not done for a week or two.  It is ideal for a Knit & Natter - garter stitch all the way.

Dance Star Mickey modelling the bowtie neck warmer on the kitchen table

I am feeling a bit better than yesterday.  My tum has had a few goes at churning today and making me feel queasy.  I have had my extra strong mints close by.  I am full of head cold as well.  I'm not feeling too bad in myself, in general.  All being well tomorrow I will feel strong enough to have a positive enough attitude to kick whatever lurgy this is that is trying to get hold of me!

We have had the news this evening that we are 'adopting' my sisters youngest dog, as it, amongst other things, is getting a bit much for her.  It is a pup of nearly seven months.  It should be arriving with us sometime Friday.  Should be eventful if nothing else.  Let's just hope it doesn't scare Mary-Jane too much, she was certainly more than wary of it at Christmas when it was barking at her.  We shall get used to it, I suppose.

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paula said...

Rhinog has a sibling . . .Indy says she wants pictures :0}