Monday, 26 March 2012

Mary-Jane On The Lawn

We have had another day of brilliant sunshine.  I'm loving it.  It can stay like this till the autumn for me.  I just can't help feeling that once this bout of good weather is over, then that will be it till the autumn.

We went to Seascale this morning to collect my winnings from the Victorian Afternoon Tea.  I have not opened the jar yet and counted all the coins.  I know there is a £2 coin, that will go in my Yummy Mummy Treat Fund  Jar, 5p will pay for my share in the Country Markets Co-operative and I may well use a £1 to get a lottery ticket for the weekend.  I shall try and spread my luck around!  The rest of the coppers will go in Mary-Jane's Jar that Grandad looks after.

I slipped out for a couple of hours to see D.  We had a good chops (chat) and put the world to rights, and chopsed even more about knitting and a little bit about dyeing yarn.  D made me the most lovely macaroni cheese for lunch, really putting the cheese into macaroni cheese!  I was very full after.

When I got back midafternoon, HK and Mary-Jane were in the garden.  Mary-Jane was having a whale of atime toddling around the garden.  She had kept her hat on most of the time she was out as well - more than what she did the day before.

Here she is on the main lawn with HK in persuit.

She is much less scared and wary of Bandit now.  It could even be said that they are exploring the shed door together.  She has my car keys in her hand.

More toddling around the lawn, being watched by Rhinog.  Grandad is sat on a bench reading his book.

More exploring, this time of a dry bird bath

I like this one a lot, she is looking straight at me as I took the photo.  Yes she is Minnie Mouse mad!


paula said...

love, love, love these posts and pix

CarpeDyem said...

Thank You Paula, I love writing them and showing off my beautiful little girl x