Saturday, 3 March 2012

Grand Day Out - Part 1

I have been for a Day Out today.  In the morning we went to the Rheged Centre to see the WOW knitting and stiching exhibition, the afternoon took us to Caldbeck to The Wool Clip.  'We' are six from the Woodlands Cafe Knit N Natter.  We took two cars.  I drove, and had LA and M in with me.  I've never been to the Rheged before.  I will certainly keep an eye out for exhibitions and such like they have on there.  Rheged is by Penrith. 

The entrance to Rheged, not all what you might have thought.

The following three pictures are felted by ?Daine Esterhuizen (I'll look in a bit to make sure this is right).  I did ask permission to take all the photos in the exhibition.  You can take photos, but not touch anything - how difficult is that?!

Hares.  I like Hares.

I like this little chappy.  I'm not sure at all of the artist who made this.  I will try and find out to give credit

The Flock, as gathered by The Eden Project.

A seating area, where you can touch things and look at a few books on the table.

This exhibit is to do with contemplation and planning

This is part of the same exhibit

Novel, but didn't kinda grab my attention.  I was starting to get disturbed by a couple of the other exhibits, more on these later

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