Friday, 2 March 2012

Catering Course Update

It's late, I'm tired, nothing new!  We have been reviewing our finances.  To describe it as 'Grim' would be kind.  We shall soldier on.  I have sent off my application for the one day Food Hygiene course.  I paid for it via phone, only to have a phone call a few hours later to say that the college do not accept my type of debit card.  A situation to be rectified on Monday.

I have also had a phone call from the college asking if I am still interested in the six week part time catering course.  I am.  I am not looking forward to the course though.  It sounds beyond basic.  The wrong side of beyond basic. In the mornings,  I will be taught how to prepare and cook fruit, veg and fish etc.  In the afternoons, I will be taught the theory of the practical I learnt in the morning.  I can feel several rants coming on and it has not yet started!  I have to do this course to enable me to access the next full time catering course, which I have decided not to do until at least September 2013.  Starting it any sooner would take too much time away from Mary-Jane.

Tomorrow I am out for the day with knitty friends to Caldbeck and the surrounding area.  I am away to bed.

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