Wednesday, 29 February 2012

With Jobs To Do And Tired

I didn't get to my sugarcraft class last night. In truth I was too tired to go.  Ten minutes before I was due to leave, I was dozing off sat on the sofa.  I felt tired.  The thought of going out, going to the class and driving a 35 mile round trip was not sounding inviting.  I decided not to go. HK was very pleased with my decison.  I then had a power nap followed by a cuppa.  How English.  I am way behind with my sugarcraft and feel like I've not been for ages.  I suppose I have - I've now missed three consecutive classes and had half term in that time.

I also need to catch up on WI stuff - minutes and preparing myself for the next meeting.  I want to get this done well in advance.  I also want to get clued up on all this craft and WI business.  Oh as well as fill in my application for the day food hygiene course and get that sent off - that can be a job for tomorrow.  If I don't get my finger out with that one, then I may have to wait for the nxt day course and I really don't know when that is!

In the evenings, I don't feel like doing much more than sitting, relaxing and knitting to keep me calm.

I have completed my two items for my Itsy Bitsy Swap.  I am awaiting the arrival of the green envelopes so I can send them off.  I have signed up for the March Swap.  It is to be one inexpensive thing that can fit in an A4 envelope.

I have started a Bowtie Neck Warmer for Auntie Ann-In-America, by request.  I will give myself one, maybe two evenings tops on this before focusing and completing the olympic cushion.  The Stuffing Event is on the 9th, a week on Friday.  I may well cast on a pair of socks after that and the Winter Apple Shawl by Erica Jackofsky, featured in Knit Dcember 2011.  It's the one I've been rabbiting on a about, not another one.  Today I have taken delivery of my KnitPro Cubic Rose Needles.  Lush. I recommend them.  That should be the end of my spending spree, apart from of course, sensible treats on Saturday on my Big Day Out.

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